Our Library Trip (13)

Hubby could identify Yvette’s babyish voice in the crowd! @_@

The moment I stepped into the main section of the library, it was so noisy. There were about 10 over children queuing outside the story-telling hall, getting ready for the next session of story-telling time. But Hubby was still managed to anticipate we were walking toward him. My baby voice emerged thru the crowd! :X

This trip was another short trip. We didn’t want Yvette to get into the ground too often. We didn’t want her to touch the book and put her hand into her mouth. (We might not be faster than her action.)

So when we reached the library, I brought Yvette to wash her hand and hubby quickly went to browse the books. Within 20 minutes, we found a few books we like and we left the library quickly.

For collages


4 thoughts on “Our Library Trip (13)

  1. Yes Yes it’s fun but Yvette is getting out of hand. We are considering buying some books and go to library bi-weekly now. 😀

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