12 hours

After fighting with the infection for 72 hours, Yvette finally won the battle.

The last 12 hours, everything was back to normal. Yvette started to eat although the portion is still not much. But at least she is eating. She has lost a lot of weight due to teething and that horrible fever. Her current weight now is only 7.5kg.

I cooked Kuey Tiao Soup for her as requested by my hubby. (Her daddy is really thoughtful.) And Yvette loves it. (Finally she loves my new invention.)

Kuey Tiao Soup

Kuey Tiao Soup

Here my simple recipe. (Very easy to cook)

1 drumstick (Skin removed)
Half carrot
Half onion
One Tomato
Some frozen peas
30 cents Kuey Tiao from market.
  1. Boil the drumstick to remove the access oil for 15 mins.
  2. Add carrot, onion and tomato. (You can add your fav vegetable too.)
  3. Boil for half an hour.
  4. Run over Kuey Tiao with hot water to remove oil.
  5. After cooking for about 45 mins to an hour. Add the soup to the Kuey Tiao and serve.

Since she was back to normal, she was feeding herself and feeding me as well. To me, one of the most heartfelt moments over self-feeding is not seeing your children manage to feed themselves. It is after they have mastered the skill of using the spoon and fork, they use it to feed us. I am so touched by Yvette today. She was feeding me again.

Medication was immediately right after lunch. I have to mix Hexbio (Probiotic) in the cup with some water. It tastes nice. And Yvette drank that all by herself.

Her expression very funny @_@

Her expression very funny @_@

After our lunch, we played shapes sorter.  This is the only toy Yvette wanted to play for the past 3 days. (She lost interest over electronic toy after she turned one.) And she really improves a lot. The video clip 1 that was taken a few days ago. Yvette will clap her hand when she managed to put the shape in and will shake her head telling us she can’t do it. It’s very expressive over her end. (She will clap for us too when we did something together with her.)

The video clip 2 was taken today. Yvette can identify circle and star very well. She is still best with circle though.

Yvette slept thru her afternoon nap for 3 hours. I slept with her too. The last few days were really tiring.

For dinner, she resumed eating her rice too. Half of her normal portion. Another sign indicating she was recovering. For the past 2 days, she was only eating cereal for dinner.

It had been two nights before she sleeps, she will practice standing up on her own on our king size bed. So far, though she is not walking much, there is no fall when she attempt to walk by herself. I guess it is because leg muscle has already built up via crawling. And she is very careful and steady when come to walking too.

IF the fever doesn’t come back for the next 12 hours, I think Yvette is on the road to recovery.



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