Our Library Trip (12)

After hubby dressed up Yvette, we ate breakfast together at home this round. Yvette was not eating much. We proceeded to the library thereafter.

Yvette started to walk around in library instead of crawling. This round we were caught red handed. Yvette was pushing the book while I was looking away. A librarian came over to tell me I have to look after my child and not allowing her to mess up the book.

I acknowledged my negligence. I apologised too. (Every time I will definitely put back the book nicely or arrange the book after Yvette had messed them up.)

We didn’t stay for long as Yvette was too excited over her “walking” experience in the library this round.

Books we borrowed

Books we borrowed

While we were walking home, Yvette stopped by the water fountain right outside the library. She is always excited to see water fountain. (And she remembers there is a water fountain outside Hilton Hotel before we walk toward the fountain.)

Yvette hearts fountain

Yvette hearts fountain


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