Hubby Bathing Yvette for the First Time

When Yvette was an infant, I asked Hubby to bathe her. (Her weight was only 2.5kg after she was discharged from hospital.)

Hubby rejected. She was too little for me to manage, said Hubby.  (Hubby was really nervous to bath Yvette even with our confinement aunty around.)

When Yvette was a baby (6 mth; head was already stable), I persuaded Hubby to bathe her.

Hubby rejected me again. I scared she will struggle off my hand. Her skin will be slippery. (I was holding Yvette’s head using my forearm. Her body was in the bath tub. I used another hand to shampoo her and scope water to wash off the foam. )

When Yvette was about a year old (11 mth), I encouraged hubby to bathe her. Let’s wait she can stand steadily first, said Hubby. (Yvette was able to sit unaided. I was still using bath tub as well as using shower head too.)

Today, Yvette at 15 mth, she is standing steadily, I asked the same question again.

This round hubby said ok.

Wow. Hubby was bathing our child for the first time!

Bathing Time

P/S: Looking at those pictures on how hubby was bathing our child. I found out that he was much gentle and careful than me.



6 thoughts on “Hubby Bathing Yvette for the First Time

  1. Ah, at least your baby is ok with your hubs. My no.3 & no.4 – esp no.4 is super-sticky to me. That’s why it’s super-tiring too, for me.

    But I really don’t care – the “backside-washing” is NOT my job! It’s hubby’s duty. *haha* Whether the baby likes it or not!

  2. wah you are also late bird like me. *Faint*

    Must sleep early you know!

    LOL… you so cute! @_@ backside-washing ha ha ha

    • This I agree but when I sleep later than 3, I will K-O the next day. So I try, really try, not to stay later than 3.

  3. That’s good. I am trying very hard nowsday. So far so good except for yesterday my explorer kept giving me problem! T.T

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