Events Happening In Town from Now to 13th Sept 09

Perhaps most of you already know. This information is for someone who is unawared.


Event Details

Event:  The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Recommended for 2-6 years old)
Venue: DBS Arts Centre – HOme of SRT
Date: 30 Jul – 12 Sept 09
Duration: 45 mins
Ticket Prices:
Weekdays S$18 per child or adult
Sat S$20 per child or adult
Family package (four tickets) – Weekdays S$62, Sat S$68
Family package (four tickets)  plus The Little Company CD – Weekdays S$77, Sat S$83


Event Details

Event: Express Your Best Self Festival
Venue: Forum, The Shopping Mall
Date: 12th & 13th Sept 09
Time: Sat (11 am – 6 pm) & Sun (11 am – 4 pm)
Admission: Free


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