Trip to The Polliwogs

My objective wasn’t accomplished since Yvette was sleeping during our trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. I decided to head The Polliwogs at East Coast Park together with my niece in the afternoon as I am fully aware Yvette will not be taking anymore nap later. (Yvette is a little off color from her normal self for the past two days.)

My take over children indoor playground is to go during weekdays where fewer crowds are expected. Indeed, there weren’t many kids around when we were there.

This playground was much bigger and the air-con is working just right for the purpose. The section for younger children is definitely much bigger as compare to Go-Go Bambini. It’s a 3 level indoor playground with lots of tunnels and obstacles. I guess the highlight of this playground is the pirate ship at outdoor. I like the slide of this playground. There are 4 of them. It’s slippery but it slides down without much friction. It is very fast and exciting.

There is a Rest & Relax area with little sofa for kids and a lot of table of and chairs for adult. Laptop and magazine were provided too. Coffee and Tea were on house. But there is no café selling food. But there are two vending machines selling snacks and drinks. There is no locker to lock up our belonging which I think this service is good to have. (Especially if I am the only one come with the kid.)

The toddler playground

The toddler playground

The interior

The interior


I can’t make up my mind which one I prefer. Both of  them have their long and short. Most importantly, Yvette is having fun. (BTW, the entrance fee is S$8  for my child age under 2 not S$6 anymore.)

We headed home at 4.45 pm before the peak hour charge kick in by cab for dinner. (Dinner had already cooked in advance before I left home in the morning and left home in the afternoon.)

P/S: Yvette slept at 7.30 pm in the evening after her dinner. But something unexpected happened which I will blog about it in next entry.


2 thoughts on “Trip to The Polliwogs

  1. An unpleasant experience costing an arm and a leg.
    We decided to take a birthday package at the new Polliwogs after many of my daughter’s classmates had theirs at either go-go Bambini or Fidgets.
    I thought the customer service at the Polliwogs was so lacking and unprofessional that they really shouldn’t charge such exorbitant rates for hosting these parties.
    Such as pity as the indoor playground was good fun and cheery without the letdown of its staff as so-called ‘party planners’ who probably haven’t had any/little training or understanding of how to plan parties.

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