Trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

During our last visit to the library, I got a brochure promoting Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. And since this place is near my house, I decided to bring Yvette there myself during the weekdays instead over the weekends where crowds are expected.

She woke up 8.15 am in the morning (which is not her usual timing). After her morning feed, we went market to do some marketing. I cooked our lunch before we left home.

We left home around 10 plus in the morning. I took bus 153 from our place. Our ride is only 15 mins and cost me only 91 cents. I alighted at the bus stop along Bukit Timah Road, NUS Bukit Timah Campus and walked straight and turned right after I saw the sign board along the road. The location of the garden is very easy to find even you access this garden by public transport.

JBG 2008094

Yvette was very active during the bus ride but she became restless when we walked toward the garden. And she dozed off 15 minutes when we were into the garden.

Yvette 20mins before and after

Yvette 20mins before and after

Ops… This became a Nature Trip for me!

I know nut about how Nature will have any impact to babies and young children. I love going to the scenic tour when we were on holiday. I love looking at mountains, water fall, trees and flowers. I only know looking at green will give us good eye sight. (I don’t have perfect eye sight now but I don’t need to wear any glasses. My left eye is 150 degree and my right is about 75 degree. Hubby is also having good eye sight too. But he chose to wear glasses during his office hour which I think he can go without it.) I believe playing in the area full of trees which I did during my childhood days gave me good health and good eye sight. That’s why I think going to park/garden with a lot of green (and colour) will be good to Yvette.

Anyway since Yvette was sleeping when we were there, (I didn’t expect Yvette to sleep as I did not bring along my carrier.) I walked around the garden carrying Yvette and taking pictures. (It is not a big garden and there are some restricted areas too. The area of this garden is only 2 hectare. A smoke free garden.)

The map of the garden

The map of the garden

JBG 2008098

Party Place

JBG 2008096

Water Play Area

JBG 2008095


Four-Sided Blocks

Four-Sided Blocks

Potting Garden

Potting Garden

Tree House

Tree House

Cave, Suspension Bridge, Pond & Waterfall

Cave, Suspension Bridge, Pond & Waterfall

Oh my, I have a good educational tour in this garden.

I found out banana is not a tree but a giant herb.

JBG 20080913

I found out cotton is actually hair that cover it seed.

JBG 200809

I found out there is a food called Plantain that look like banana needs to be cooked and is a staple food in Africa.

JBG 2008092

There are many more facts beside those I listed above.


Yvette only took 20 mins nap. I brought her around the garden (a quick one) to see different types of banana I saw around the park. (She recognised banana now. Whenever we passed by shop selling banana, she will point to them and say “nanana”.)

Being creative, I cooked something new today. But Yvette didn’t like it. So I ended up feeding her some cereal and the soy drink that I brought along. (There is an open air café but the food there doesn’t suit Yvette. Although it did highlight outside food is disallowed, but the café owner didn’t stop me eating our own food with Yvette. Perhaps it was Wednesday and there was no crowd at all.)


The cafe

Yvette having her meal

Yvette having her meal

Yvette wearing sunglass

Yvette wearing sunglass

We returned to Toa Payoh Central taking the same bus meeting her for lunch after my niece couldn’t find this place.

Even though Yvette didn’t really bring back much pleasurable experience from this trip, 75% of the time she spent in the garden was sleeping, resting and eating in café, I will definitely back again and exploring the Bukit Timah Core of Botanic Garden soon.

P/S: I really took a lot of pictures when I am touring this garden myself.


8 thoughts on “Trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

  1. Ah, I must find some time to make a trip there during a weekday.

    Eh, have you ever thought to go for Kindermusik classes? I want to go with my boy.

  2. Sonya,

    Yvette’s MMR first jab is schedule on 28th Aug 09. Hmmm suggest you bring your child home after the jab. Sometimes better be safe than sorry cos he might catch virus easily after the jab.


    If you wan to go there during weekend, can date us! Yes I thot of sending Yvette to Kindermusik class. But she got too many activities. So I give this a miss for now.

    Anyway, my friend’s son is in the friday class now. She told me it is a 45 mins session with music and movement and learn nothing academically.

  3. Why weekend? We go during weekday lah. I hate crowds. Maybe I should take the bus too. HAHA.

    Kindermusik – I’m not looking for anything academic bc JR gets quite abit of the academic stuff at home already. Only rhythm & music. I hope that in 2 years, I’ll have him start actual music lessons – hope lah.

  4. Ops i typed without checking. Yes yes weekday!

    Then you can go for it. She told me her son like it alot. She is now 30 weeks pregnant still send her son there herself. I just met her yesterday for playdate.

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