I have been officially out of job for a year.

I have been a Stay-at-home-mum for a year.

I have been officially drawing allowance from my hubby for a year.

Time flies in a blink of eye.

Yvette is now 1 yr 3 mth. And she is finally walking. Honestly I was really worrying that she might only start to walk after 15 mth. And now I am very certainly that she will walk like a toddler at 18 mth. Is she ready for child care?

Initially my thought of sending my child to child care at 18 mth was rather firm. Not till I read two posts (here and here) written by Nic, I have second thought of sending Yvette there.

Separation Anxiety is something both of us need to deal with. I am never out of Yvette’s sight for more than 3 hours before. I wonder how both of us will to cope if we are separated for more than 8 hours? A lot of parents or even child care centre (this was highlighted by Nic too) letting them cry is part of the journey to independence, and that as time passes, they will adapt. But I REALLY CAN’T BEAR to let Yvette cry EVERYDAY!!!

Beside separation anxiety, I will be also wondering is Yvette receiving good standard of care in the childcare. Every parent will be totally imbalance if their child is receiving sub-standard of care. So would I.

Lastly, if I have to go back to work, I won’t have ample time to spend with Yvette. I will miss the way, she smile at me when she wakes up every morning beside me. I miss having lunch with her. I will miss out witnessing some development of Yvette too. I will miss Yvette, a lot.   

We are 3 month away to Yvette turning 18 mth and I am still considering hard!

There is no financial difficulty in our family. In fact, I think we are doing well. One of the main reasons of me wanting to go back to work, a predicament, that is the future medical cost of my parents. (My dad is handicap.)

I am still contributing the same monthly allowance to both my parents even I am not working. My supportive spouse gives me half of his bonus so that my saving will not be depleted. I am very grateful. But I think it’s kind of unfair for him to share this load of mine if there is any huge medical cost in the future.

I have four options available:

  1. Send Yvette to child care and work full time.
  2. Send Yvette to half day child care and work part time.
  3. Engage someone to take care of Yvette at home. (We have someone in mind already. But I wonder will this work out eventually.)
  4. Wait for Yvette to get older, send her to drop off 3 hour program, then slower gear toward leaving her to child care.

Honestly, making a compromise decision is not always easy. And I have no clue now. Is there any other option available?


2 thoughts on “One

  1. Hi

    I just chanced upon your blog while goggling for Jacob Ballas Garden. I enjoyed reading it – I hope you don’t mind! I am a stay home mum for 2 years, I have a daughter Hanna. She just turned 2. We are Singaporeans, currently living in Basel, Switzerland.

    I can identify with you regarding the childcare issues. Have you considered an insurance option for the future medical care? Talking to a financial adviser will help – they can think of options for you.


    • Welcome Wendy.

      Thanks for the compliment too.

      Medical insurances are already in place for both my parents. The after hospitalisation care is my concern too where insurance didn’t cover.

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