Our Retail Therapy Together

Hubby was off to work for next 3 hours later in the early noon. I decided to bring Yvette out myself.

Off we went to Takashimaya.

I always find I spend more quality time with Yvette when we are out. At home, I always end up doing housework or reading newspaper and I leave Yvette alone playing herself sometimes. She will come to me when she needs myself or when she is bored playing alone.  

Again this was the first shopping trip alone with Yvette after she gained confidence in walking.

There were many of window display along our way from Orchard MRT to Taka. And I thought she will want to walk from Wisma onward. My guess was wrong. She wanted to be carried. Strange! I thought she loves looking into the window display. Her desire of wanting of wanting to be on the ground when I am at the ladies shoes dept at Taka. Oh, she really into shoes! (She was very excited pointing the shoes inside the window display to us when we were in ION two days ago.)

After getting a pair of new shoes for myself; we went up to the baby/kid department at third floor. I got a pair of new shoes for Yvette too using our Taka voucher. Hubby wanted me to get a new pair of shoes for Yvette with a thicker sole.


Then we headed Kinokuniya for the two books higher recommended by my gyane – Eat to Live, The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss & Disease Proof Your Child, Feeding Kids Right by Dr Joel Fuhrman, M.D.


It’s about lunch time; I called my niece who was working nearby for lunch.

We met up at Soup Spoon at Paragon.

I told her I have just fought 4 hours of battle during the last 2 hours. It’s not easy to manage Yvette now. (I recalled one mummy telling me I will be even more tired when Yvette learns how to walk during one of our regular library trip.)

Arrr, Indeed!

Actually Yvette did not really move around a lot while she was walking. She just walk or sometimes trying to run. I got so tired because sometimes she wanted to walk and sometimes she wanted to be carried. So perpetually I am bending my body all the times!

After lunch, I proceeded to the supermarket to get a package of “original” Cheerios. (Thanks for telling me Sam. Jayden’s mum only highly recommended this brand to me but it was my decision to get the Frosted Cheerios.)


We went up to the fifth floor of Paragon. (I love coming here. There are plenty of baby and kids’ stuffs available.) I stocked up her drink again and buy a set of word flash card from ELM Tree before we headed home.


Yvette dozed off in my niece boyfriend’s car on our way home.


9 thoughts on “Our Retail Therapy Together

    • I don’t flash the card to Yvette.

      I give them all to Yvette and let her pick the word she like and I will read to her.

      I am sure she will like it! Cos she can create another mess out of this set of flash card! -_-!

  1. Hmmm…what’s the purpose of letting her choose the cards?

    By the way, I find the “wo hui du” series quite useful for babies learning to read. But ah…so expensive, ah!!!

  2. No purpose, cos she dont let me flash and she will snatch everything from me. SO I let her choose!!!

    Yes tat is expensive but I think it is a good flash card for chinese.

  3. I rarely do flashcards bc of the DVD programmes. But when I do, I take ownership(I use flashcards only like for “revision” & reinforcement). I do not let him play or grab. I will flash them very quickly and do only at most 10 cards at 1 time, so it’s over in a little while. Same with some books that I have bc they are not board books. I will read to him and KEEP the books. I don’t let him play with those. Board books i let him play.

  4. Haha.. Sam LNT flash card is only pic, just show it to her only. (I only have a set of it. That is the flash card for the rhyme.)

    For books, I adopt the method you do. I take ownership cos she will tear the (paperback) book (but there is one book I give it to her.) I only give her board book too.

    Actually I am not into flashcard but Yvette like it that why I buy and let her learn from it.

  5. Oh, I thought you have to continue doing the “flashing” at home – to “revise” what you do in the class. Ah…only pics. That means the teaching of somewhat like “encylopedic” knowledge then. Not reading.

  6. Haha… since when I am a flashcard person to you? I did not buy any flash card from LNT. I do have 4 sets of flashcards and one word card in chinese.

    Yvette is only intereted in the fruit and vegetable cards and she will look at them everyday.

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