Yvette is 1 Year 3 Months (15 mths) Exactly

Physically (Movement)


It’s an exciting month for us last month. Finally she is walking. She is able to walk with a moving object usually is me. She is able to walk backward too. The most numbers of step she took unsteadily by herself were 8 steps as of today. Currently, she is still coping to stand without support and balancing. She is able to pull herself up to standing position with any kind of support be it a flat or something to hold to since she was a 12 mth baby. Now it’s time for her to reach out the next level. She put her both hand on the ground and pushes herself up without support. She will squat down after her leg is unable to carry her anymore or she will ask her to carry her. She is able to walk up the stair if it is not too high for her. She is using the rail and the door for support when she entered our house from outside which happened 2 days ago. I never expect she could climb a little step using her leg so soon. We have never taught her before. I guess being able to crawl really aid in walking. I can tell her confidence have probably grown with each day. I noticed her feet are small too. She is still wearing Size 2 (6 to 12 mth) according to Baby Fox’s measurement.

She is Climbing up the stairsI also noticed all her motor skills she had mastered such as flip, crawl, climb, and stand with and without support, etc; she learnt it mostly out of her own effort. Most of time she did want us to help her. As such she didn’t give me a chance to record about how we have helped her too.  Take balancing as example, she will usually let go of her hand after she pull herself up to standing position.

Being able to crawl, it help Yvette to become stronger & learning the surrounding faster. She had already scooted up a staircase, and coming down the stair from her back. She is attempting climb up furniture now, eg, our coffee table and our bed.

Behaviour (Mentally)


Shopping and marketing can be challenging for me now. Yvette will tend to move forward and push my body away or she might want me to put her down so that she can reach out those items from the shelves. She also wants to pull things off of shelves and then try to carry the item. She may also push those items on the display shelve inward. Messing up the display shelve. It is very frustrating for me. I understand that she’s not intentionally trying to cause trouble — she’s just putting her new physical skills to the test. *Headache* But she is my little helper too. For things (eg. Bread, fruit, wrapping paper, etc) she likes, she doesn’t mind helping me carry all the way home.

DSC03771The urge to make messes and empty things from anywhere, still “persist” in last month. She just loves to be messy when she play. She will dig out everything from her toy box. Luckily, I have put away some toys that she hardly play if not I think I will need to spend half an hour to clear up the mess after she sleep every night. She has learnt how to unzip my bag, my purse and open some boxes too.

Her interest in playing the ball grew stronger last month. Instead of just rolling the ball, she started to throw the ball to us. She even kicked the ball while she was sitting on the floor. She’ll be occupied with this game for at least — five minutes! Good exercise for us.

14 mthI started some learning activities with her after she turned one. She started to love looking at books. And she loves all her books. She will flip them and ask me to read those words on the book for her. She is picking words from the flash card too. She loves those fruit and vegetable flash card only. She will take one flash card one after  another to me and ask me to read those word to her. (She pronounces apple as ple, banana as nanana, etc.)

DSC04310She can remember the next track is If You Happy If You Know by clapping her hand after the Wheel on The Bus ended before the next track was played of the Nursery Rhythms 3 CD. (I don’t play this CD every day. I have 12 pieces of CDs and I rotate them daily.) She loves music for sure. I can see her enjoying her class in JGC a lot. I can’t decide if I will continue her in this curriculum for next term mainly due to I don’t want her to learn the same thing.

She understands simple commands such as “bring me the ball”, “pass me the key”, etc. She recognised herself not only from the reflection of the mirror. She recognized herself when I played video of her on the TV and even photographs.

When I put on her shoes, she knows we are going out. She will reach out the key near the door attempt to open the door.

She loves to make funny sound using her tongue and her mouth. She imitates us a lot. When I bring her to poop and say “hmmm,” she follows. When I say “hai”, she follows too. This morning, when her father cough, she tried to make the sound exactly like his coughing tone. Very cute!

She likes to play with her saliva too. YUCK!

Potty Training

Somewhere in the mid of her 14th month, I started the night training with her. I only managed to pick up a pee before her sleep and after her sleep in the morning. As she still wakes up in the middle of the day for milk (mainly latching for comfort), she is fed with breast milk almost 3-4hr thru the night. This makes our training hard to achieve result. She is really reluctant to go toilet in the mid of the night. But I am fully aware she wet her nappy cloth and will change for her. Sometimes when she refused to go for the morning pee too, I will place a nappy cloth under her and breastfeed her. She will then pee into the cloth.

She is able to express her need of wanting to go by saying No in a babyish tone to me and clutching me tightly indicating she has no urge to go toileting.

Vocal development

Her vocabulary expanded too. She picks up words and short phrases from us but is not consistent. One day, she able to pronounce her name clearly for 3 times, the next day she can’t utter it anymore. She is able to express herself more clearly by saying no, body language and pointing things she need to us now.


She is a baby with 20 teeth now although most of them yet to grow into a full size teeth. She is still drooling a lot. The good side of having so many teeth is she can use her teeth to chew those hard and chunky foods. The downside will be oral care is a problem to us. She dislikes me brushing her teeth for her and she will bite me if I put my hand inside her mouth. Ouch, it is so painful.

I need to bring her to dentist soon.


Having a faddy eater is soul destroying, frustrating and at times downright annoying. She is eating more for dinner and sometimes lunch but she is eating less for her breakfast (which is the most important meal for a day). I felt like I have climbed a mountain and my anxiety rising while she refused to eat her cereal in the morning. I have tried giving her all sort of cereals her but still, she is not eating much. “Currently I have to eat like her.” I added formula milk to my Oat (Quick Cook Quaker Oat, blue packaging) and one tbsp of LSA (linseed, (flaxseed), sunflower seeds and almonds). And she is eating my wholemeal bread too.

DSC04233She demonstrated interest in self-feeding when she was 13th month and definitely had sharpened this skill last month. Her ability of grasp spoon has improved. She is able to pick up food and dexterously get it to her mouth. She is able to feed herself using fork as well. She can even feed me too. She will pick up the food using the spoon and say “ah-ah” asking me to open my mouth to eat those food. She is drinking soup from the bowl not by me feeding her using a spoon. And she drank it without fuss.

But I realised she is drinking less water recently. I only can zero down either due to toilet training or she doesn’t like her new bottle. Thus we changed back to the old model of pigeon bottle (the old one is leaking) and she started to drink more after then.

Emotions (Tantrum)

She started to have nightmare last month. She will suddenly howl out in the middle of the night or early in the morning while she was still sleeping.

I choose not to believe but I guess she is entering a pre-mature “terrible-twos” stage.

She will cry for no reason.

She will scream for no reason.

She will be clingy for no reason.

She just wants to have her way.

God please bless me!

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