Outdoor play @ playground

We are lucky to have at least more 5 playgrounds within 5 mins walking distance away from our house. Still, I prefer the newest addition to the pool of playgrounds. That is the one at TPY Sensory Park. There are a few tunnels around in this playground. And these tunnels give a chance to babies, like Yvette who loves to crawl and climb a lot to play in the playground. Having said that, still, we hardly bring Yvette to the playground mainly due to Yvette still couldn’t walk.

Playground @ TPY Sensory Park

Playground @ TPY Sensory Park

Now, since Yvette is making progress toward walking independently, hubby decided to go to playground this evening.

And this round, we were really having so much fun. She simply loves to crawl in the tunnel and walk on the ground!

She crawls, She climbs

She crawls, She climbs

She stand up and play!

She stands up and play!

Yvette finally gave me a chance to walk her using my hand. And I realized Yvette is someone who is eager to walk and forgotten she still need to balance herself!


2 thoughts on “Outdoor play @ playground

  1. We did bring her to playground when she was younger too. But it wasn’t as fun as what we had experienced yesterday.

    Oh yes, Yvette loves to crawl on the ground like your Jacob too. (On the first and second trips we brought her there.)

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