My dad’s advice over two type of fruits to give to Yvette


I only give Yvette this type of banana. I don’t buy those bananas that you can easily find in the supermarket. This type of banana only sells in the market or provision store.



Don’t give baby pineapple before 18 mth, best to give after 2 years old. It’s too acidic for her digestive system.

I choose to agree with him. In the past, woman ate pineapple to kill unborn. I think it will be better be safe than sorry. There are plenty of other fruits with rich source of vitamin C around such as papaya, berries, etc.


6 thoughts on “My dad’s advice over two type of fruits to give to Yvette

  1. Why only this kind of banana? I’ve been having the other type. No problem either. In fact, I think the taste is more easily likeable. Just that the banana is soooo huge. So I share with baby. I’m almost always hungry anyway, so that’s quite ok.

  2. Sam,

    That becos some types of banana will cause wind and phlegm to baby. There is one type of banana, totally can’t give it to baby. That is a very chucky banana with red skin. (I couldn’t remember why can’t give that to baby already.)

    Of course, a lot people like you find ok to give other type of banana. To some extend, as along as no allergics, most parent accept that as fine to give.

    In fact, not only these two type of fruits I dont give. As long as the fruit is having a sour taste, such as kiwi, orange, berries, (blue, strawberry, etc), I also dont give it to Yvette. I am afraid it might be too acidic to Yvette for now. I will try to wait till 18 mths, then I will give her those fruits.

    (Kiwi I give golden kiwi only. Cos most golden kiwi is sweet. Blue berries usually is sour. I hardly can find those “sweet” blue berries, so this I wait when she is older. For orange and strawberry, I give only they are sweet.)

  3. I don’t give strange foods lah – red banana indeed! strawberries & blueberries too exotic too.

    My bb LOVES bananas. n watermelon, n papaya, n even clamour for rambutans, but that’s a little tricky to give him.

  4. Aiyo.. i never say you give strange fruit lah.. I saw in TV programme, host by Evelyn Tan, some parents give Demontle, I don’t give only.

    wah rambutan, so far I haven’t gave tat to Yvette yet, but she had tried durian!!

  5. It’s just that those are the fruits he knows from his show, and I always show him when we go to the market. Then when he saw us eating rambutan, wah…he crawled soooooooooo fast and demanded!!! *haha* And he ate like non-stop with us, but we were really slow bc so difficult to cut out tiny pieces of rambutan!

    He also demanded the watermelon, I remember, but at least that one’s easy, just let him bite it off the watermelon slice. Same with the other fruits.

    Durian – so far, we haven’t bought! haha! But he has eaten from the fillings of my durian puffs (those puffs that they fill with real durian meat only, no other cream).

    • Yeah, rambutan hard to cut them into pieces, but Yvette encounter the hairy fruit before.

      Yvette loves watermelon too.

      As for Durian, haha.. first time she tried, she dislike. Then recently I ate that with my niece, she like it… haha… so happy cos the father doesn’t like!!!! She is my gang now!!!!

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