Do you want to eat?


Do you want to bath?


Give me the pea?


Do you want to go toilet?


These lists can go longer and longer!


Yvette is expressing herself clearly by saying No in her babyish tone! (This had happened a week plus ago.) Initially I thought she was only trying to imitate me. Then later I realised she mean it!

Is her “No” valid?

Almost 100%.  But for most cases, the decision made will not base on her choice. 😀

75% of not wanting to go toilet is almost correct. I don’t time Yvette anymore. I bring Yvette to pee based on my gut feeling and her signal for elimination.

P/S: Yvette woke up as happy and lively child today. No more running nose for her. Phew, we can proceed with our programme later!


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