We Finally Know Why

We realised Yvette was a little bit not herself in the library this morning but we did not really figure it out. 

It’s more apparent to us when Yvette was up again after her nap. 

She was not smiling.
She was not moving around the house.
She sat at the corner and played with herself.

I picked her up at that little corner and I saw some clear and watery mucus at her nose and she was sneezing too. 

SF: I think she’s having running nose.

Papa: Let’s bring her to doctor. 

SF: Why don’t let her immune system fight against this virus? 

Papa: No, the haze is back too. I don’t want we ended up the same situation as last December. (She caught virus in the hospital. She got cough and cold initially and it ended with complication, mild bronchitis for Yvette.) 

Yes, haze is back and it’s not sparing my little one. 

No Fever,
No Cough,
Lung was cleared,
Her throat is a little red but not serious. 

She was given running nose medicine only.

After administrating one dose of medicine, she started to smile. 

After administrating another dose of medicine, she is sleeping very well now. 

Let me hope she will be well by tomorrow as we have arranged some programme for the family in the late afternoon.

P/S: We took a picture of the current haze situation from our flat and I found a same picture taken 3 years back. Same day, different timing. I find it amazing. So coincidence! Spot the difference pls!!!

Taken in 08/08/09 @ 5.43 pm

Taken in 08/08/06 @ 5.43 pm

Taken @ 08/08/09 @ 6.10 pm

Taken @ 08/08/09 @ 6.10 pm


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