Having fun @ Go-Go Bambini

Yvette is still on her fours.
Yvette doesn’t like to be belted in the stroller.
And I don’t mind the hassle to bring her to all different places alone. 

This trip we travelled light. Yvette had taken her late lunch at 2 plus in the afternoon. (She naps at 11.30 am to 2.30 pm today.) I only bring along her water, an apple, and two extra pieces of disposable together with my bag. 

I took public transport to Orchard and transferred to a cab at Wisma to Go-Go Bambini at Dempsey Hill. The cab fee cost me $5.40. We reached there around 3.45 pm. To my surprise, the place was considered crowded for weekdays. Still there was room to accommodate my little girl. 

We have to fill up a registration form and were given an entry card subsequently. Temperature checked was carried out before we entered but only done on Yvette not me. I rented a locker for S$2 so that I can safe keep my belonging while having fun with Yvette. I felt the air-con wasn’t working well in this enclosed playground as the air around was rather motionless. The lighting was not bright enough too. The running space was limited too. This place was considered small as compared to Fidgets (gallery). The little area for age 0 to 3 was pathetic. There were a nursing room and a café selling drinks and food.

The interior of the gym

The interior of the gym

This is the area for 0 to 3

This is the area for 0 to 3

Go Go Bambini3

The cafe

The cafe

I moved Yvette to the bigger playground so that she can have some fun. She loves to climb up the stairs and the slide as well. She could reach up to middle of the slide where I can’t move up myself.

Go Go Bambini1

Overall, it was tiring for me to move up and down with Yvette at a playground designed for children height. I have to keep bending myself and carried Yvette to some areas where she couldn’t reach out to. (eg. Playing the slide. She will climb up the stairway and I will move her to the slide and we will slide down from there. We did it several time.)

On coming back home, I attempted to walk down from the hill but I lost my way. Eventually, I flag down an oncoming cab and headed home.

P/S: I realised this place actually was surrounded with landed property while I was walking down the hill. Probably this explained why it was relatively crowded in weekdays.

This playground suits Yvette for now and she really out there to wear herself out. She ate more food in the evening. (I prepared dinner before we went out.) And she slept 30 mins earlier after she was placed on the bed with me.   


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