Plastic Fork

We always go to market to have breakfast on every Saturday and Sunday morning. We will order some toast, Zhu Chang Fen with some light sauce, or Plain Chwee Kueh for Yvette. I usually let her eat on her own; of course I will supervise her from time to time.

Today, I started to appreciate the chewing skill Yvette has. She is someone who chews quite thoroughly when she is eating. Oh yes, something I did not share with everyone here, Yvette is a baby with 20 teeth! I found out this about 12 days ago. This morning while she was eating Zhu Chang Fen by her own, something caught my attention. She had been chewing on something for more than 2 mins without swallowing it.

I checked the plastic fork she was using. Wow, I found two missing teeth of the fork!!!

I immediately searched high and low for the missing teeth. I found one on the table and another one inside her mouth.

The fork with missing teeth!!

The fork with missing teeth!!

Lost & Found!!

Lost & Found!!


I am going to be vigilant. I will never let Yvette use those plastic forks again!

P/S: Sonya, those forks I am using are from The First Year.


2 thoughts on “Plastic Fork

    • Wah! Swallowed @_@

      Indeed, disposables are dangerout for young children. I have to be more careful and watchful if she is using them.

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