Up to Dempsey Hill

While I was busy preparing Yvette’s dinner in the kitchen, my niece took this video clip. I was amazed Yvette was able to dance with music while she was sitting on the floor.

We were at Whampoa food centre for dinner with my niece and her boyfriend this evening. Before we drove off, a lady chased after us and knocked at our car window asking us whether anyone of us did lost our wallet.

WoW, it’s really rare sign. All of us exclaimed. Yes, my niece boyfriend was the one that dropped his wallet in the food centre.

We proceeded to OG to get a red top for Yvette. Next week, I need to dress Yvette in Red and White for her classes in JGC due to National Day. I managed to get a set of clothing for Yvette. (I have already had a set of red and white top and bottom.) We only spent 45 mins there before we moved on.

Sometimes it’s really convenient when we drive. We moved from places to places effortlessly. We were in the serious thought of getting a car now. But due to the fact that my hubby failed to convert his military license to a normal class 2B license during his NS days, he had to go through the whole process of getting a license now.

After our shopping trip, I requested my niece’s boyfriend to drive us up to Dempsey Hill. I always wanted to visit this place as I have read and heard so much about this little hill opposite Botanic Garden.


All of us had never been there before; we looked out for road signs as we drove. Luckily, we managed to find the place. 

How to get there via public transport?

There a shuttle bus service is available at the following pick-up points:

  • Dempsey Hill, Blk 8D
  • Bus-stop outside Gleneagles Hospital
  • Bus Stop in front of Royal Thai Embassy
  • Orchard Boulevard Road (Near Bus Stop in front of Four Season Hotel
  • Opposite Singapore Botanic Gardens (Near Bus Stop)

I wanted to go there partly due to I wanted to get a glimpse of Go-Go Bambini. (This is one of the indoor playgrounds near my house. There is another indoor playground at Safra Toa Payoh, FunMaze, they are not meant for children under 3)

Go-Go Bambini is meant for children up to the age of 11. It’s one of the Singapore largest indoor entertainment centre. A dedicated soft-play area for those under 3 helps develop motor skills while a 5m high spiral slide encourages active play.

I have heard and read so much about indoor playground such as Fidgets, eXplorekid, Polliwogs, etc and yet, I am still hesitant to bring Yvette there. I don’t want anyone to hurt/frighten Yvette while we are having fun. There is no way I could stop other child being not considerate but I can prevent some bad encounter to happen. And trust me, there are a lot of parents couldn’t be bother about how their kid behave while they are having fun. Even “the activity” poses a danger to their kid. However, if the place is quiet during the weekdays, I don’t mind bringing Yvette there.

P/S: Look at this picture I have taken when we were at Science Centre. How many kids are inside the fountain where there is a warning sign? Aren’t the parents afraid their kids might get kill due to short circuit?

Water Work at Science Centre

Water Works at Science Centre

Anyway, we were late. They have closed for a day.

The first thing caught our attention after we have parked our car. My niece saw a big fish inside the pond.

Big Fish @_@

Big Fish @_@

We moved around like tourist. We parked our car at Dempsey Hill Green and we walked all the way up to Dempsey Hill and we ended up at Ben & Jerry having ice-cream as dessert.

Ben & Jerry @ Dempesy Hill

Ben & Jerry @ Dempesy Hill

Of course, Yvette didn’t get a chance to have ice-cream this round. It’s was late in the evening, it’s not good to let Yvette have cold stuff at this hour. However, she got a chance to nibble some cheese fries. We stopped her from eating after she had taken 5 of them. I moved her around in the restaurant. The set up in this restaurant is really American to me. There is live music and you can delicate songs too.

Dempesy Hill1

As it was getting late, we left after our ice-cream treat! I am sure I will definitely be back with Yvette during the daytime soon.

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