Our Library Trip (9)

Sometimes, I will continue my beauty sleep in the morning while hubby will help me to take care of Yvette for about an hour. This morning all of the sudden, Yvette dropped all her toys and crawled toward our room. In front of the closed door, she pointed to her father and said “Ma”. She was telling my hubby I was in the room and requested him to open the door to let her in.

Awww, so sweet, isn’t she?

Hubby opened the door and let her in. He carried her to our bed. She quickly pulled up my top. She was hungry and she wanted her milk. I guess this will be a way baby could express themselves till the moment when they can express themselves vocally.

After feeding her milk, I took her to the bathroom and bathed her to start our day.

We headed market for our breakfast and proceeded to the library thereafter.

The library was quiet today. Not much crowd in the library. Nothing new on the notice board too. I was trying to register the next session of Fun with Tots in Sept. But it seemed the registration was not yet open.

Today, Yvette didn’t want to stay at the usual spot where we were. She was trying to crawl around and resulted a fall in the library. Not a serious one though. She was getting out of hand today. We quickly browsed thru the bookshelf; selected the book we want and left hastily.

Books we borrowed

Books we borrowed


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