Lunch with Yvette

I thought this will only happen much later when Yvette is much older. Yvette being a baby, who doesn’t like to be belted on the high chair for meal, does make her meal time longer.

I didn’t plan for this today. It has just strike my mind while I was preparing our lunch.

Shall I eat together with Yvette?

But I don’t have a high chair for eating at the high table or any portable with belt chair around at home for Yvette. I looked around the house carefully for chair for Yvette’s height and I found one little stool that might work for this “meal time”. I placed her near to the sofa so that she will not topple backward. And this stool is the right height for her when she is in standing position.

Yvette sit

I steamed chicken with ginger and stir-fried a cauliflower, carrot with bean curb. I cooked some plain porridge for both of us. But I added some flaxseed into Yvette’s porridge.

Ready Flaxseed from store

Ready Flaxseed from store

Pictures speak aloud how Yvette had enjoyed this meal with me.

Our lunch together

Our lunch together

As Yvette didn’t like to wear a bib for her meal now, I have to change her clothes after the meal including cleaning up. (Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of cleaning up need to be done. And I can proudly tell my husband this evening, I put the red table into VERY good use today.)

The Mess

P/S: I think the self-feeding time in JGC does help me bring the eating on the table concept to Yvette.


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