When it comes to toys for toddlers, one of the best toys we can get is a puzzle. I was wondering when to give puzzle as a toy for Yvette when she was about to turn one. My doubt was finally cleared after I read this post.

Puzzle can greatly aid in their childhood education and help them develop skills that they can use later in their lives. There were plenty of benefits of puzzles (see below) and these benefits can toddlers to develop and grow both mentally and physically.

Puzzles Improve Motor Skills

Young children need to learn to grasp and hold objects. Puzzles can be a great way to develop and improve motor skills since they require a toddler to hold and manipulate a relatively small object. Try a peg or block puzzle which both have pieces a child will need to grab and hold on to in order to complete the picture or game.

They Improve Cognitive Skills

A toddler can improve their cognitive skills – in particular their problem solving and reasoning skills – with puzzles. They can help to teach colour and shape recognition, to get a better understanding of the relationship of a part to the whole and can even teach them things like letters, numbers, animal names and more depending upon the theme.

They Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Puzzles require a child to place an object in a precise location. To fit the piece they usually must manipulate it, try it out, and move it around and finally fit it in its place. This is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and to improve their skills as they master fitting pieces where they should go.

Types of Puzzles for Toddlers

There are a wide variety of puzzles for toddlers on the market today. Some of the most popular are block puzzles (which usually feature a single picture printed on wooden blocks), foam puzzles, plush puzzles made of fleece or fabric, games that require fitting a shape into a hole and many other styles.


I brought two boxes of 2 & 3-pcs puzzle from Growing Fun.

The lady at the road show told me she introduced that to her boy when he was One. When I told her I plan to introduce this to my child when she turns 15 mth. She shared with me; there was no harm to start early.

After I did some research, I decided to give the 2-pcs transportation puzzle to Yvette when she was 1 yr 2 wks old.

Yvette wasn’t showing any interesting when it was introduced to her. She only interested to hold them and look at them. I took the opportunity to teach her those words associated to the puzzle too. (We gave this puzzle to her everyday.)

I observed.

Still, she’s not keen to put the puzzle together after playing for 3 weeks.

Was puzzle not her cup of tea? (Nic did highlight to me that some child just don’t like puzzles.)

I didn’t give up.

I read up again. Perhaps the 2-pcs puzzle was too difficult to Yvette? I decided to get her a simple wooden puzzle.

I managed to get a very simple puzzle from Kiddy Palace.

Yvette had been playing this puzzle since she was 1yr 1 mth 1 wk old. This has become a toy that she will play with it every day. She is able to match most colours (not shape for now) correctly though occasionally with some wrong. She is not able to fit all puzzles in yet but I believe the day will come.



20 thoughts on “Puzzle

  1. I remember buying thess wooden puzzles when mal was younger…but he was never really into it, even till today. your littleone seems to be learning alot for her age. good job 🙂

  2. I have this for my Son too .. but when he was veri young …
    initially he was oni keen in biting the pieces .. now is by color .. like wht u say .. it is due to time

  3. 4Malmal,

    Thanks for the compliment and thanks for dropping me your very first comment.

    I guess not all kid like puzzle as mentioned by Nic. Even Mal dont like it, he is doing very well for his age.


    It’s seem we are on the same track!

  4. haha – I bought a puzzle book yesterday only to play with with baby. And only bc I found it at my favourite 2nd-hand bookstore – hey, the book seems so new since the puzzle pieces are not even out from their positions! 😉 Anyway, the baby happily took the pieces that I offered, telling him, see, this is the zebra’s eyes, and you’re holding the zebra’s foot. But he was so v angry when I put them altogether. *hahah*

    Oh, and bought the puzzle book also bc i wanted to show him in real life what the object “pin tu” is, since he has seen the words in his videos.

  5. But he was so v angry when I put them altogether. << this part is so funny!

    Are you able to guess why he was angry?

  6. He wanted to hang on to the parts of the animal! He was v delighted with that. So of course he was angry when I fixed them together instead. *haha*

  7. I think u did well to introduce her those wooden puzzles 1st.

    and yes, start with 2-piece then 3-piece and slowly progress on.

    hann was introduced to puzzles when he was 3 months to 2years old.
    progressed quite fast from there.
    You can see his puzzle log here: http://timhann.blogspot.com/search/label/puzzles
    pictures that interest him does help.

    check out popular for some value for $ jigsaw puzzles once Yvette’s into them. =)

  8. haiyah,….you said 3 mths, ah….wah, really inspire me. *HAHAH* Then it just so happened that I saw a Popular bookstore atrium fair while on a trip to the bank with baby this morning. So I bought 3 puzzles. I’ll post on my blog later(don’t know when, maybe within 3 days’ time. hhah). Quite nice.

  9. Actually not everyone like puzzle. Although Yvette still cant put them (2-pcs) together now. She allows me to hold her hand and put them together.


    You see wrong lah… Hann’s mummy said “he was 3 months to 2years old.”

    Hann’s mummy,

    Thanks for telling me I can get good puzzle from Popular.

  10. That’s the bane of my “speed-reading”. I read it as she introduced it to her son between the ages of 3mths to 2yrs. 😉

    Anyway, my baby enjoys playing with the puzzles. Hey, I didn’t say he can do them! haha! So what, right?

  11. oops! paisay. some1 pointed out to me that Hann’s 3-6-piece puzzles are from kiddy palace, not popular.

    anyway, both kiddy palace and popular have nice and cheap puzzles.

    Sunflower, while holding Y’s hand to fix the puzzle, explain to her the technique u used to fix it.

    • O_o

      Can teach me how to explain?

      I usually just hold her hand and put them together only. Never say anything to her. After that just ask her to see the “done” puzzle.

  12. er… there must be a technique u use when u put the puzzles together right? everybody does it differently so u’ll have to tell her how u do it while holding her hands to do it.

    Me try to recall what I told Hann…
    “put one hand here… put the other piece on top, then…”
    something like that.

    even for the wooden puzzles, tell her how u decide which piece goes where. and once u’ve decided which goes where, tell her how to fit it in (turn, etc). and ask guiding questions.

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