Our Library Trip (8)

Library trip was pushed to the evening due to my annual check-up with my gynae this morning.

I am convinced, Yvette had started showing signs of unreasonable tantrum this month. I picked her up from our family bed after her nap. She did not welcome my gesture with a smile; instead she started to cry excessively. I have totally no idea know what makes her cry.

We had a hard time pacifying her. Even my FIL trying to help, nothing can stop Yvette from crying. She stopped and cried for about half an hour. Even my FIL commented, if she at foul mood, nothing can be done to make her happy. We-just-have-to-wait- for- the-happy-clock-within-her-to-strike!!!


I asked my hubby to stop the packing and get dress up to bring Yvette to library. We changed and I cooked her dinner and bring it to nearby coffee shop to have our dinner.

She was happier in the library. Her well mannered caught me off guard. I was expecting she was going to make a lot of noise there. Nevertheless, we were glad our happy Yvette was back in action.

Hubby helped to choose book for Yvette while I using the kiosk machine in the library to check whether the library carries book of Joel Fuhrman. I found both books recommended by my gynae. However one book was on loan. I make a reservation at the counter to arrange this book, Disease–Proof Your Child Feeding Kids Right that was not under loan to be sent over from Bishan Libraby to Toa Payoh Library. The cost for this service is S$1.55 which I think it is reasonable.

Books we borrowed

Books we borrowed

After the library trip, we headed to my SIL’s place at Bishan. I love to visit them when they were just living at the opposite flat across the road. I still love to go there even they had moved to Bishan. However, there is always a downside when we are there. Some unwanted accident will sure happen. It always happens with no exception.

This time, they moved their coffee table to the side to avoid Yvette from hitting onto it. But Yvette still fell down. She lost her balance while holding onto the sofa for support.



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