My Annual Check-up with my gynae 2009

I am due for check-up after giving birth to Yvette last year. Sometimes I don’t really look forward to see my gynae as most of the time, he will give me “a piece of advice” that don’t sound like a music to my ear.

I put on about 13kg when I was expecting Yvette and this actually did not meet his guideline of weight gain during pregnancy. (His ideal weight gain in every pregnancy is only 10kg.) He expects every patient of his to exercise and watch our weight during our pregnancy. There always two sides of a coin. On one hand I am glad that I did not make much effort to lose all the weight gain during my last pregnancy. (I lost all my weight gain on the second month (after I gave birth) due to breastfeeding and taking care of Yvette.) On the other hand, I was actually “stress” when I was due for checkup monthly and later weekly.

Honestly I really didn’t know how prominent he is in the medical field. But I saw picture of our Senior Minster, Mr Goh Chok Tong’s DIL/Daughter with a baby taking picture with him and a picture him with Hillary Rodham Clinton (Secretary of State of the United States) in his clinic. And the latest limelight of him, he was the gynae for our local comedian, Mark Lee. He appeared in our national TV when he was delivering their first daughter.

Anyway, I wasn’t trying to prove anything here but to tell everyone out there who happen to read this entry, what he is preaching about food. Please give me some enlightenment!

I was told not to take any diary product during my pregnancy. Eg. Milk (where almost all gynaes will advise every pregnant woman to take at least a glass a day.) Cheese, another absolutely No No for him. I can’t take Milo too as it contain milk. He also told me only two serving of fish each week due to mercury content of the fish. Hmmm… he has a very “different” school thought.

I didn’t take milk during my pregnancy due to I am quite sensitive to milk. I drank soya bean drink from market instead. That makes him happy.

He gave me a piece of “advice” during this check-up too. I told him I was still breastfeeding and he checked with me what I have been feeing myself. Again he criticised my unhealthy choice of food; eating diary product.  And including giving cheese to Yvette too. (Although I try giving Yvette but the more I gave, the more she dislike it. (Just like her father.)) (No diary product for Yvette such as fresh milk, yogurt, cheese, etc according to his belief.)

He recommended me two books for me to read. Both book from the same author, Joel Fuhrman, Disease–Proof Your Child Feeding Kids Right & Eat To Live The Revolutionary Formula For Fast and Sustained Weight Loss.

As far as the “unpleasant” experience I had with this gyane, there pull factors for me choosing him as my gyane. I prefer an experience gyane. He was in practice for twenty over years. He is really very knowledgeable and professional. He’s never late for all his appointments. Lastly there’s another push factor I may want to switch over to a new gynae, his fee is really expensive.

After the check-up, we headed to food court at Botanic Garden a road across Glen E for lunch. This is not the first time we were there with Yvette. We were there before when Yvette was only 6 mth old. Time flies.

Botanic Garden

After our lunch, we decided to take a walk in Botanic Garden. As we brought along the buggy stroller, we wanted to walk in the nature with Yvette. Thing didn’t go according to what we desired. Yvette dozed off shortly after we were in the park. We took some pictures and left Botanic Garden as it was getting hotter in the afternoon. I am sure we will be back again when Yvette is more mobile.

Botanic Garden2

Botanic Garden3


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