Walk Yvette Walk!

Yvette had shown more signs of wanting to walk shortly a day after she turned 14 month. She was more willingly to balance herself on her own after she pulls herself up and even hold onto my leg and walk together with me. (In a face to face position. Of course, her face is at my leg level.) Still, she doesn’t want us to hold her hand and walk her and she doesn’t like to make use of the push walker around the house. Weird baby!

Anyway, it’s still good news to me. At least she is trying to walk.

This evening hubby came home on his usual timing. While I was changing Yvette in her room, (she pooped and I missed it) hubby came in and wanting to carrying Yvette. This round, (in fact, we have been doing this after she showed sign of wanting to balance herself) hubby just stretched out his arm and Yvette stretched out her too. After standing there independently (I think) for about 5 secs, Yvette took her step in front of two of us.

We were astonished!

We were very happy.

Hubby quickly grabbed hold of her, worry she might miss her next step and sing her some praises immediately.

Hubby commented it has come so naturally.

After dinner, we headed NTUC to do some grocery shopping. Yvette wanted to be on the ground while we were walking home. I let her down and let her hold on to the buggy stroller I brought yesterday. And yes, she walked. Slowly and steadily.

I took some video clips using my hubby’s hand phone to commemorate a moment like this as I did not bring along our camera.


Finally she is entering into a new venture, walking!


4 thoughts on “Walk Yvette Walk!

  1. Oh yeah! She’ll be walking soon!

    My elder 2 both walked at 10months. When no.1 could walk, she could walk real well almost immediately. No.2 practised for a week before he could. Either way, it was Real cute to have 10mth-olds walking!

    But my no.3 walked only after his 1st birthday. Don’t know when no.4 will walk.

  2. Haha… I dont think so soon. But Yvette is making slow but steadily progress.

    Wow, your children walk at 10mths that really cute.

    You know what, in the JGC class Yvette attended, there are a handful of babies already start walking before 1 too.

  3. Oh, only those 2 older ones. My no.4 is almost 1yr also not walking yet, altho’ he can hold & cruise around. He’d happily crawl over the whole estate though…rough pathways and all.

  4. Yes, Yvette also don’t mind to crawl on those rough pathways. But as a parent, we feel heartache.

    Let’s hope your No.4 can start to show signs that he want to walk soon.

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