Our flat is due for face-lift. We have been staying in this flat for about 10 years and it should be the time now. Ever since my pregnancy was confirmed, we have been buying stuffs for Yvette and now our flat was really running out of space.

Actually we can’t stand our house had been so disorderly and cluttered for a long time. As a first time parent, it’s a definitely No No for us to do renovation during Yvette’s first year.  And now, I think it should be a good time.

We met 3 renovation designers last week and I think we have more or less decided to give this project to this company at IMM although we have yet saw any quotation coming in. We plan to have our renovation after the 7th month of the lunar calendar so that we will have ample time to pack our stuffs.  As it a partial renovation, we will be still in this flat while the renovation is carried out. However, Yvette and I will be away during the day time renovation. We will be putting up in my SIL’s house at Bishan.

Packing is as horrible as unpacking. I have gotten a blue-black when packing our stuffs. We managed to tidy our store room yesterday while Yvette was having her afternoon nap. There were still plenty of packing need to be done even thought we have about one and a half month period to pack our stuffs. (And we only can squeeze in time to pack when Yvette is having her nap or sleeping at night.)

It’s going to be another fruitful project for us.

As much as I’m looking forward for the new look of our flat, there will be another two major events for us in this coming year.


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