Yvette Using Fork

Finally found out another way in WordPress on loading video into my blog. Noob ME!

This video was taken three days ago. (2 days after she turned 14mth.)


3 thoughts on “Yvette Using Fork

  1. hey babe,

    where u get tht fork from ? i hve been lookin for those blunt fork for ages for cant find it …


  2. u mean adding videos in wordpress is different? Can’t you just copy the HTML coding to embed video?

    (yeah, I’v been reading your interesting blog) 😉

  3. Sonya,

    It came with the themo food jar I brougt from Kiddy Palace. I got something else, let me put it in an entry for you.


    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your compliment.

    Adding video in WordPress is not the same as compare to Blogspot.

    In Blogspot, you just need to copy the embed video’s URL and paste into the entry. But in wordpress (this method I just found out) you have to click the “add video” icon and paste the URL of the video (not the embed URL.)into the entry.

    Then another method is, I need to go to my profile to click this box – Disable the visual editor when writting. After ticking this box, I can only paste the embed URL into my entry.

    Haiz, noob me.

    But then with “new finding”, I can start to add video in my blog now which I did not do so previously.

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