Our Library Trip (7)

After breakfast in the market and some marketing, we proceeded to the library. We hide at the little corner as usual. After several trips to the library, I realised the children section of the library was never quiet as desire. I always see children running around, chasing each other, screaming, crying and etc. As such, sometimes I felt less guilty over Yvette was making noise in the library. Of course, I will never allow the evil though to eat into me, we always hold back Yvette when she was “being inconsiderate”. We definitely cut short our stay there if we were losing control over Yvette. Cultivating good habit is always best to start from young and it always get harder when they are older.

Nevertheless, our little one was in very good manner today. Making very little noise even she was excited but nothing can stop her crawling around that corner.

While I was busying putting those books back to the shelves, Yvette had already crawl one round in less than few seconds to another destination. Her movement caught this man’s attention.

He laughed! “So cute” he said.

He started talking to us. He was telling me that my girl really crawls fast, even faster than her daughter. He recalled. “Yeah, I agreed. I couldn’t imagine when Yvette starts to walk. I think I will be busying chasing after her.”

His wife wasn’t around when we exchanged our conversation a few minutes ago. And when she was here, this man asked her to look at Yvette, while she was crawling. It’s nice to share parenting experience with parents who wanted to share. I told them Yvette has yet showing signs of wanting to walk independently, they asked me not to worry.

We bumped into our neighbour on our way out of the library. We walked home together after we borrowed our books at the kiosk.



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