Beco, My good friend!


It’s drizzling in the morning. But it didn’t stop me from getting out of the house with Yvette alone. Her immunisation for chicken pox was supposed to be this Friday but I moved it forward due to LNT does not allows make up class even there is a medical certificate to prove Yvette is not well. (We weren’t told about it when we signed up Yvette for class.)

Anyway, that was history now.

To me, stroller becomes useless when raining. It’s normally not recommendable to keep baby in the stroller using the rain shield. It is really hot and stuffy inside there. This is one of the reason I prefer a carrier rather than a stroller. Another reason gearing me toward carrier was, I moved around more easily when I am using them.

I am a Beco Carrier user personally. I feel this is one of the good carriers I ever used. I started with Sling then I brought a combi carrier from Motherhood forum when I started to find Sling is not so secured for both of us, I started to look out for one. I sold away the carrier I brought from the forum after trying it for 2 months. I found it was not suitable. Not light and not comfortable enough. I brought Beco Carrier even without trying it. (By word of mouth) And I used it for our second KL trip and while I was out alone with Yvette. It is not only light but comfortable. And Yvette always falls asleep in carrier after her class at GUG when we were on our way home.

I did some research on both Ergo and Beco. Ergo is made from a sturdy canvas type material, while Beco is softer brushed twill. I don’t think that there’s really a huge difference between them in terms of comfort, so I would go ahead and get the one that appeals to you most. For a newborn, the Beco and Ergo have infant inserts but infants are still wobbly for a while in them. Just don’t go for those carriers that allow forward facing. It actually hurt the baby’s back.

A carrier is a good substitute for stroller where certain places are hard to move around with a stroller. And you can use it for your (short) holiday without bring your stroller along. And not every county is baby-friendly. You can’t be always carrying your child when the doze off without a carrier and a stroller.

As a full time mother, we carry our child a lot. I feel having a good carrier is essential in our motherhood journey.

P/S: Yvette didn’t really cry after the jab. Fever will come after 4 days to a week. The jab was done on the arm instead on the thigh this round. I thought she will be crying as hard when she was given her last dose of Pneumococcal. They weighted Yvette as well; she put on 200g since the last visit to the polyclinic. Head circumference is 44 cm.

Yvette after the jab

Yvette after the jab


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