Food I introduced to Yvette @ 13mths onward

3 days rule for testing new food still apply to Yvette even though turning one has given me a green light to let her try whatever food I deem fit. Honestly I tested Yvette on food but not fruits. I find fruits are pretty safe for a year old baby to eat but dare not to take any risk for food. Fruits she tried were Cherry and Lychee.

Shitake Mushroom, Prawn and Peanut are foods Yvette tried last month. No allergic found.

Beside new food being introduced, I gave Yvette 2 new cereals and 2 new drinks last month too. And they are:

  1. Milo Ball Cereal (I treat this as a new snack for her. I got to know this thru Nic.)
  2. Milo Drink (Not the packet type, I only give packet Milo once when we were given free during our outing at Science centre. Packet Milo contains preservatives though the sugar content is acceptable to me. I usually scoop one tablespoon and dilute them with water, no sugar is added for Yvette.)
  3. Bixies Cereal (A gift from Ashlyn’s mum when she was here with Ashlyn for the play date.)
  4. Rizz Rice Milk (We got it from the event we pop-ed by after our library trip last Sunday. It is a nutritious beverage enriched with roasted brown rice, inulin (prebiotic properties), soy protein, calcium, all natural ingredients, freshly prepared, absolutely no lactose, no preservatives, low sugar content & no trans fat. Unfortunately, they don’t have a website for their product. If you are keen getting one for your child, you need to visit them @ Great World City Cold Storage B1-18/19 unit 7. Or you can call them @ 6736 0455. They offer free delivery if you order 6 bottles from them @ S$14. 250ml per bottle.)


Yvette loves the Milo ball and Milo a lot but not the Bixies Cereal and Rizz Rice Milk . She demonstrated great liking for the drink that why we brought 3 bottles for her to try. But after giving her for the past few days, the result is always me finish up the drink for her.


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