Beep! Beep! An SMS from Yvette

Mama, I know I am due for walking but don’t worry for me. I will walk when I am ready as I am just being lazy!

I wonder she really heard my deepest feeling for her development on walking! On one hand I undersand they have their bio-clock but on the other hand I just can’t help not to worry about it! My aunt told me only start worrying if she does not take her first step by 18 mths.

Let’s see!


2 thoughts on “Beep! Beep! An SMS from Yvette

  1. hi sunflower.. my youngest girl only started walking at the age of 14 months and had her first tooth at her 1st year.. hahaha… real “delay”… is it laziness? i guess those come naturally, cannot hurry hurry.. hahhaa…

  2. Teething I not sure, but walking mainly due to bio-clock lah.. by one, they need to eat rice not porridge, walk, talk, drink water using straw, etc. They are babies leh.. can’t excel in all department right? As my daughter case, a lot of my friends, relatives who know us, commented she is really lazy. (Dont even want to let me hold her hand to walk the first step.)

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