Our Library Trip (6)

Since we were out the whole day yesterday, our weekly library trip was brought forward to today. After breakfast in the market, we walked toward the library. We have been letting Yvette tried returning book and today she finally got the idea right. And today she threw the books into the lid of the returning box outside the library with some help from us.

Yvette returning books

Yvette returning books

No special event on the notice board.

We found one corner where books are bigger. This is good for Yvette and us. We don’t need to push out the book after Yvette pushed them inward.  And she was well-behaved too. She was happily having fun at this corner and even tried to choose her own books.

She was browsing books!

She was browsing books!

Books we borrowed

Books we borrowed

We were there about 45 mins.

We proceeded to this event running outside the library. Project Identity 2009; A project for the Intellectually Disable. It was organized by NTU and RSP ID. For more details you might want to click here . They were here to create awareness and no donation from the public is needed. But they have booths around selling stuffs and part of the income they generated will be donated to this unit. As such I brought something there.

The Event

The Event

Yvette said hi to Mr Tiger

Yvette said "hi" to Mr Tiger

After this, I went to collect photo that need to be submit to JGC for project work this Tues. We also went to Kiddy Palace to get the drinking cup for Yvette. She was so happy to see the exactly cup she saw yesterday. She refused to let go again and was happily holding it on our bus ride home!

Yvette holding the new cup

Yvette is holding the new cup during the bus ride home

Yvette happily drinking water from her new Munchkin cup!

Yvette happily drinking water from her new Munchkin cup!


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