Do babies have their Bio-clock?

Besides developing a picture for Yvette’s curriculum with JGC, I did develop some photos for a project too. My SIL had given me this photo frame during my confinement period. It’s a long overdue project and I finally get it done.


Selecting pictures of Yvette since her birth brought back plenty of faded memories of her growth and development. If you asked me do I agree whether babies have their bio-clock? I will definitely agree. Let me share some examples using Yvette’s milestones to prove this statement.

The ability to drink water using straw at tender age of 7 mths

She lost the ability to drink from bottle after I learnt to latch her on to my breast. While I was trying to wean her off from breastfeeding, (introducing formula) I realised she didn’t know how to suck anymore. She gotten phobia over bottle as I kept trying to introduce formula milk to her. Thus as a result, at her 6 mths, though it’s time to introduce water, she rejected drinking water from bottle too. As such I have to give her Avent drinking cup with spout at her tender age of 6.5 mths but she don’t like spout (as it is also using teat) too. So I resort giving her straw eventually.(She mastered this skill shortly after being introduced to her for 2 days.)

Her bio-clock had decided for her.

I will never introduce her straw at 7mths. I did that because there isn’t any other choice left for me. If not she will never drink water willingly? (Read my failure on Lesson Learnt.)

The good thing is; I didn’t need to wean her off from bottle where some parents find hard to do so. A lot of babies fall asleep during their last milk feed at the night.


Sometimes I wonder it should be a blessing in disguise on introducing Yvette soft rice at her tender age of 8 – 9 mths. There was a period, she rejected porridge totally. (These were my struggles (here, here and here) on getting Yvette to eat.) She is not fussy now and most importantly she is eating more and more.

I will never give Yvette soft rice if she was not fussy over her food and luckily her teeth emerged out one by one since 6.5 mths. (At 9 mths got 4 teeth, 10 mths got 5 teeth, 11 mths got 6 teeth & 12 mths got 8 teeth.) She was most willing to chew the food too. At 14 mths (which is tomorrow) she got 4 molars on the way.

The good thing is; she is eating whatever on our dinner table at 12 mths old. I don’t need to cook her meal separately anymore. I do not need to worry she is lazy to chew her food and keep everything in her mouth.

The bad things is; dental care. Since she had gotten so many teeth, I really need to pay attention on helping her keeping her teeth clean.

However it’s still normal for baby to be toothless by one. It will not be normal if your child don’t have the first tooth by 15 mths (I remembered I read this somewhere).  

Again the above decision put forward by me determined by her bio-clock too.

First word and First Step

Her first word was “mum, mum, mum” and it came out from her mouth when she was 6 mths old. Since then, she never stops blabbering. And she said something meaningful (expressing herself)yesterday at IMM too.

Her first step was indeed not having any progress. She shown sign of pulling herself up at 10 mths, cruising at 11 mths but no sign of she will want to let go her hand off the furniture when she was cruising.

Is her bio-clock did not ring a bell for this?

The bad part is; I am bringing her to enrichment class on Tues, Thurs and Friday. It can be very tiring for me that I have to carry her as she doesn’t like to be in the stroller. I am definitely look forward for Yvette’s First Step.

I believe all parents do whatever they could to make the transition for their child from a baby to a toddler smoother. But babies can’t excel in all departments of their growth within a year. (Talk, eat, sleep, walk, etc.) And I strongly believe our babies do have their timing on their development.

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