IMM @ Jurong East

We didn’t go home after Science Centre. It was a plan to go IMM after the excursion at Science Centre. (That’s why dinner was prepared early in this morning.) We were in search for Renovation Company to face-lift our existing dwell.

During the car-ride, Yvette surprised us uttering a new word that my niece was very sure that she was still not able to say so and said this to me last week.

“If Yvette can greet me jie jie, I can go and buy 4D liao!”

Yes, she managed to pronounce “Jie Jie” (in Cantonese) clearly in the car. All of us were so surprise!

Wow! A Clap for Yvette!

It was a short ride as IMM was just around the corner. They dropped us off at the waiting area outside IMM. Upon reaching IMM, we went straight to the nursery room to nurse Yvette. It was around 3 pm in the afternoon and Yvette was late for her afternoon nap. She dozed off immediately during nursing. It has been a long time, we didn’t use our stroller, when I put Yvette into it, all of the sudden, and she looked so big to me. My baby Yvette was really transiting into toddler now.

Yvette was sound asleep

Yvette was sound asleep

As she was sleeping, it has made the search easier. We managed to arrange a few appointments. It was really fast. We ended up doing shopping after then.

We went Daiso where everything is just S$2.

Both of us felt so light and agreed if Yvette wasn’t sleeping we can’t be here. This store really stacks up their entire product from bottom to the top of the shelves. And it was so colorful. I am sure Yvette can’t resist the temptation of wanting to on the ground to touch those merchandises. (It’s was not my first trip here but I have not been here for long!)

Anyway, she woken up while we were still doing our shopping. As expected, Yvette wanted to be on the ground when I carried her out from the stroller. Of course we didn’t give in to her this round. We quickly make payment for our purchases. After we checked out the cashier, we went up to the Sky Garden at 3rd floor in IMM. It has a big playground with water play too. We didn’t stay there for long as the purpose to be there was just to “have a peep”!  

Playground @ Sky Garden

Playground @ Sky Garden

Water Play @ Sky Garden

Water Play @ Sky Garden

Since it was still early for dinner, we have to shop around to kill time. We hoped in two stores. One was a baby mall store selling a full range of baby’s product. We went in as we were still searching for a new bottle for Yvette. (Her Pigeon water bottle started to give us problem after “serving” Yvette water for the past 7 mths. It was leaking after we changed the straw and Yvette always push over the cap, pouring out the water and start playing with it.)

While we were rummage around, Yvette got hold of one bottle and she refused to let go. We have to coax her to give it to us due to we were not getting that for her here. She finally gave it to us after hearing Papa agreed to get her the exact bottle tomorrow from Kiddy Palace (we have 10% discount there.) (She understood?)

The next store was our favorite shop, Fox. They were still having sales. And on top of the normal discount they were offering, Citibank card holder entitled another 20% discount. (Another promotion they were having now is, you will have 10% discount if you buy 3 pieces and above.)

Well, since Yvette had out-grown some of her existing clothing, we decided to go for it. We bought 3 sets of clothing for Yvette and Hubby gotten himself a bottom as well. Our damage is only S$100 after the discounts. Good deal!

3 sets of new clothing for Baby Fox

3 sets of new clothing from Baby Fox

We had our dinner in the food court. It’s wasn’t easy to get a seat but we were lucky. We managed to get a seat in less than a minute. I poured out the soup and hubby got to buy plain rice for Yvette as I didn’t pack that along. We start eating after hubby got all the food for us.

After dinner, before we wanted to leave our table, Yvette did something really amazing!

She was in my arm and she stretched out her hand toward papa (indicating she wanted Papa to carry), and said:

“Papa Bao Bao” (Bao Bao as known as 抱抱 in Chinese, means carry.)

Wow, she said something meaningful. She is expressing herself so clearly. I was so shocked! Unfortunately hubby didn’t hear the “carry” as the food court was really noisy.

I was really happy to hear that.

After our meal, we went to Giant to do some grocery shopping before we went home.

2 thoughts on “IMM @ Jurong East

  1. kids are marvellous, arent they? when they speak, it turns us adults to feeling skyhigh and beaming inside out.. they are really God’s awesome creation.. so cute and so innocent… hhhmm.. so nice to have a baby again… lol..

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