Alcohol Time?


From time to time, I do miss taking a sip of alcohol. I am not a drinker neither I am a social drinker but I do take alcohol in almost all special occasion I attend such as wedding, Company D&D, family celebration, etc. I and my hubby also have our “we-time” together drinking wine or liquor at home before Yvette was born.

I bid goodbye to my alcohol since I was certified pregnant by gynae. Ever since then, I do MISS them. Although, sometimes, I do persuade my hubby to drink so that I can take a sip of them but I really didn’t take more than 2 mouthfuls. Reason of not taking them mainly due to me is still doing breastfeeding. I even give up my daily dose of coffee too.

Anyway, research has proved “there’s no harm in parents allowing a young teen a sip of an alcoholic drink or permitting an older adolescent on drink at a family event.” By doing this, it may protect them by encouraging healthier drinking habits and reducing the attraction of the forbidden fruit.

A study published in the Journal Of Adolescent health in 2004 found that teens who parents allowed them to have a drink with them were less than half as likely to binge drink as those whose parents did not.

Well, rather than letting my alcohol evaporate over time, maybe, I can let Yvette try them when she is older under my supervision.


3 thoughts on “Alcohol Time?

  1. hi there.. i like your blog but unfortunately i cannot add u now, dont know why my office blocked the blogger profile thingy, i cannot sign in to blog, can read but cannot add or edit posts.. hope i can remember when i go back…

    I am not a drinker too but a little sip now and then is good for our bodies, so i heard, good for blood circulation..

  2. hey, thanks for visiting me a moment ago.. alright, i will add u in my blogroll so that i can come here more often! Do keep in touch… thanks..

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