Bathing Time

Yvette enjoys playing with water but never likes water get into her eyes. Since she was a little baby, she is bathed in this little “bath tub” and now it is time for a promotion.


When she is in the tub with water, she always holds on to the bowl into standing position. She loves to stand with support and sometimes without, but walking is definitely not her cup of tea. Anyway, in order to ensure Yvette don’t fall easily in the bathroom I brought a bigger anti-slip bath mat for Yvette from Kiddy Palace.


After implemented this change, I find bathing Yvette is fast and saves water. And slowly, she kind of accepting water getting into her eyes when I am using the showerhead on her.  Let’s hope she will continue to adapt to this new way of bathing her without making any fuss over it.


4 thoughts on “Bathing Time

  1. Hey babe,

    Sonnie aso using the same bathtub as u .. and we hve promote him to the anti-slip mat at my mum place .. easier to bath for him too ..

    but bath tub can let him play water hahaha

  2. Jay,

    Toilet bowl! yr head har…. !@#$


    I agree tub can play water but very dangerous leh.. she always want to stand up. So decided to do away with the tub now.

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