A Belated Birthday Dinner

Today I didn’t go to my mum’s place for dinner. We were out dinner with my SIL’s family for a belated birthday dinner.

Jumbo @ Riverwalk was our dinner venue for today. I don’t have any pictures to show now as I have lent my camera to my sister, who was away for a short holiday. This wasn’t the first time we were here. In fact, I realized Jumbo is one of our usual choices for dinner venue for special occasions.  

We spent 2 hours there. It’s always easier to eat crab with other family members around. They will help us to babysit while we can enjoy our meal. Anyway, Yvette always wants to be with my hubby when he is around. SO most of the time, if both of us dine together, I am the one eating in peace although I have trained myself to eat while letting Yvette to sit on my lap or even I have to carry her.

After dinner, we went to Central Clarke Quay beside Riverwalk. It was 9 pm; a lot of shops were getting ready to end their day. We went to the Japanese store in the basement and papa gotten us a packet of Latte (instant coffee). And my niece found a sweet store, Sticky. Their “sweet is really not sweet” and easily dissolve in our mouth.

As my niece’s boyfriend parked his car at Liang Court , we went back to get the car.

On our way there, I found out two restaurants that I might want to dine in the near future when I am back in Clarke Quay again.

Tomo Izakaya Pte Ltd (A Japanese Resturant)

3A River Valley Road #01-04 Clarke Quay Tel: 6333 0100

I like the ambience of this restaurant. Warm. Let’s take a look here.

And I got excited to find out this restaurant was in town.

谭鱼头 (A Szechuan cuisine)

177 River Valley Road Liang Court # 01-25/25A Tel: 6836 6839

I have tried them in Wuxi, China & Hong Kong. It is very very nice. I never know it’s in town now.


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