Our second trip to IKEA

IKEA is having their annual clearance sales now from 3rd to 26th July. So we decided to go IKEA to check out any good deals for us and also to get more idea on furnishings as we want to renovate our flat a few months down the road.

We were supposed to be there yesterday due to Yvette didn’t rest well in the afternoon, so the plan was post phoned till today.

Anyway, this was her second trip. She was there last December on Christmas Day with my SIL’s family. Time flies. Looking back at those pictures taken in last December; Yvette was really a small baby. Now she is a big baby to me.  

Yvette at 7 mths old

Yvette @ 7 mths old

Yvette @ 13 mths old

Yvette @ 13 mths old

Since Yvette doesn’t like to be on the stroller, we decided to take a bus there. We bumped into our neigbours who were also going to IKEA, such a coincidence!

We had our dinner at the IKEA food court. I miss the chicken wing. Hubby ordered 6 of them and we managed to gobble down them and including our main course. 😀 Haha… we didn’t have lunch today. After dinner, we let Yvette have some fun time at the mini playground somewhere in the middle of the food court.

Yvette having fun

Yvette having fun

Yvette was well behaved. She didn’t really want to be on the ground. I didn’t try to put her on the push trolley; I shall do it next time. To be honest, it’s really tiring to keep carrying her around.

While moving ourselves with ease in IKEA, I saw someone familiar. Ops! Although it is kind of couldn’t believe who I saw, I still went up to say hi.

I tapped her hand, and said, Hi Nic. I waved to her son, Hi Will!

She had gotten a shock! Her hubby too! She looked puzzled and wondered who I was. She had totally no idea how I know her name, and her son’s name.

Nic: Who are you? (In very gentle tone)

SF: I am Shirley, sunflower, your blog reader!

Her lick unlocked into a smile!

Nic: Wow!

SF: Small world. I saw your hubby and confirmed it must be you. (Her hubby got a fierce look to me.)

Nic: We are fated to meet!

We exchanged word.

I was very surprise too. I never expect to bump into Nic. Anyway I got to know her blog, Especially for Will, several months ago thru papers. She asked to take a picture of me but I told her since I never put my picture on the blog and requested her not to post my picture. Then she asked: Will that be ok to post Yvette’s picture up there?

Yes please. I replied.

I didn’t manage to take a picture of Will as he was shaking his head at that moment. Anyway, let me wait for Nic to post the picture on the blog and I can steal the picture from her thru there. (Here is her entry  on our “fate”)

Nic, it’s really nice to meet you in family!

Nic, Will (her son, he is sooo passionate) & Yvette

Nic, Will (her son, he is sooo passionate) & Yvette

2 thoughts on “Our second trip to IKEA

  1. Hey hey, finally got some time to browse through others’ blogs! yes yes, it was surprised and nice to meet you and family! Such a small world! 🙂

    Through browsing I saw that you are also a very active mommy bringing your girl to many palces! Your lucky Yvette 🙂

    saw one post on science centre waterplay, I wanted to try that out long ago…how’s that? you need to pay? any time restriction?

  2. Nic, you dont have to make additional payment for this workplay, it is part of the entrance fee.

    Yes since birth, we start to bring her around. Be it in a whole family or only myself. Unfortunately, she still haven’t took her first step. I will like to bring her to those places you have brought Will to too.

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