Our Library Trip (5)

It’s a habit now. We are all set to the library every Saturday late morning.

I always read that information on the notices board the moment I stepped into the library to find out what is the latest event going on. This week they are promoting:

  1. Support Mental Wellness
  2. Yellow Ribbon campaign
  3. Borrow 4 items for a chance to win NDP review tickets
Current Events

Current Events

And with effective July 09, basic members (like us) can borrow up to 6 items, with up to2 audio-visual items. (The 6 items can be all books.) You may wish to find out more here.

Change in Loan Quota

Change in Loan Quota

There are two productions that will be held in the HQ of NLB somewhere in Sept, Oct & Nov respectively.

Production 1: Little Green Frog (1-20 Sept 09)

Production 2: Duck and Dive, The Ugly Duckling & The Frog Prince (29th Oct to 21st Nov 09)

You may wish to find out more here.

As printed on the brochure, Little Green Frog is a delightful, funny and touching adaptation of a Korean Folk Tale back by popular demand! However, this production is recommended only for those children over 3 years of age. Although they won’t ban children and babes below the age of three but they reserve the right to remove any child that is making excessive noise, or is crying during the performance.

And sooo

This is not meant for Yvette.

Adoi…. Today Yvette is naughty girl!

She kept pushing the books right into the shelves and I have to push them out. We repeated this “exercise” many times. And sometimes she was so excited; she couldn’t contain her excitement and started to scream. Aiyo. We quickly took hold of any books that it deemed fit for Yvette and left the library. -.-!

Books we borrowed for Yvette

Books we borrowed for Yvette

Book for myself

Book for myself

She explained I can only use one loan receipt for one activity not for multi-activities. Hmmm in my heart I was thinking; “but but but you all have been allowing me to do so for 3 weeks, why change now?”

Anyway I left without further question.


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