A Date with Melissa & Toddler Kaelyn

It was raining early in this morning and I received an SMS from Melissa asking me if our date was still on. I replied yes and asked her to come when the rain was not so heavy or stop.

They came in the noon while I was preparing our lunch. My niece came by shortly. They didn’t stay for long partly due to Yvette is going to nap and Melissa needs to go Kiddy Palace to buy some training pants for Kaelyn.

I noticed Melissa had put on weight too (but I didn’t highlight to her) when they (Melissa and my niece) were telling me Yvette had put on some weight. I finally had gotten an answer on my reservation when I browsed the IDO forum for Melissa’s daughter name.

Congratz Melissa. Do take care!


As usual, my niece will have dinner at my place. But today we have an agenda after our dinner. We got her to go to Swensen at TPY Entertainment Park to get an ice-cream cake for her mum and her sis while we tidy the house and get change. We went up my SIL’s place at Bishan after she had gotten the cake.

Here our dessert for tonight!

Our dessert!

Our dessert!

Anyway, once again, Happy birthday to Grace & Capri!


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