A date with Wendy & Baby Ashlyn

Wendy came down with Baby Ashlyn to my place in late afternoon today. It’s nice to see Baby Ashlyn again. She has grown so “big” to me. I only didn’t see her for about a month. (Our last date was at AMK Hub.)

Baby Ashlyn loves Ball

Baby Ashlyn loves Ball

When babies are together, they tend to scratch each other toy, this applied to Ashlyn and Yvette too.  And Yvette was rather cranky today. I zero-ed down to the toilet training we were working on it now. But our babies did have a great time together too.

Ashlyn and Yvette exploring my HP

Ashlyn and Yvette exploring my HP

I always look forward to a play date. Having play date, Yvette will have someone to socialize and I will have someone to talk and share our experiences. Especially now, I am no longer bringing Yvette to neighbors’ place due to I am trying to toilet train Yvette. This week, I have arranged two play dates for us. Another one will be on Wednesday.  

Another arena I am interested in, it will be homeschooling in a regular basis with a group of babies/toddlers. I still couldn’t find any for Yvette. If any parents out there are doing it, maybe you could let me know and email me @ sunflower700@gmail.com . I will like to contribute and let my Yvette have fun too.

Wendy and Baby Ashlyn left after Wendy had dinner at my place. I have a great time and we agreed to have the next date at her place. 😀


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