Sensory Park @ Toa Payoh

Dear, I think the park is opened for public. Shall we have a walk at the park? I said that to my hubby when I was clearing the rubbish out of our house. (I have a direct view of this park at the rubbish chute outside my flat.) (This park is less than 5 mins walk from my flat.)

Hubby agreed.

Its 5.30 pm when we decided to take a “peep” of the park. We packed our stuff since we will be heading to my mum’s place for dinner afterwards. I have been looking forward to take evening stroll in this park and longing when it will be opened to the public. (The announcement released in 2007 to build this park while I was expecting Yvette.) (Read more about this park here.)

There were plenty of facilities in the park such as playground, exercise comer for elderly, disable and people like us. When we were at the park, we bumped into our neighbour. They were jogging in the park. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the park as some of the facilities were still in “final touch-up” condition. And this park is just beside one of the famous hawker centre in Toa Payoh. (Blk 75 @ TPY Lor 5) I bumped into Jennifer who was taking her dinner at the hawker centre with her family.


 If you are in TPY and you want to visit this park. You can:

  1. Take a bus, (Bus number 73, 88, 157, 159, 163, 231) alight at the bus stop next to Shop & Save or McDonald. Walk cross the road, you will see Blk 66 and Blk 73. Walk to block 66, the park is just at the end of this block.
  2. Walk from HDB hub next to interchange if you want to shop around TPY hub. After your shopping, you will probably find the library somewhere 8 to 10 mins away from HDB hub. (Walk straight from HDB Hub. You will see KFC. Walk further, you will see a coffee shop. Turn left instead of walking toward coffee shop. Walk straight again. You will see Bengawan Solo on your right, a fruit stall on your left.  Turn right and walk a bit more you will see Bata Shoe Store and library is just in front of the store.) Then you will see Shop & Save beside the library too. Once you see Shop & Save, just follow the way as mentioned in number 1.

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