Shokudo @ Heeren

We were here to celebrate my mum’s birthday. This restaurant has been in Singapore for a period of time. But the bee line for this restaurant in City hall during meal time has took my keenness away.


Anyway we were lucky today. No queue at all when we were there. One selling point of this restaurant, they have a small area set up as a mini-playground for small children. Yvette love playing the beads on the table.


The food is nice and at a very affordable price. I love their dessert. The Japanese Ice-kacang (Chestnut Kakigori) and the ice-cream waffle. I didn’t take any picture of our food as I was busying feeding Yvette. (I brought along her soup for her dinner.) The bill was only S$53.55.

Our dessert

Our dessert

Overall the experience was good. I want to go again, but this round will be my hubby treating me. 🙂 


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