My new blogskin

Finally I managed to do “something nice to my eye”.

I have been trying to figure out how to do a nice blog skin with limit resources I have on hand. I have been considering moving out of WordPress and host my blog somewhere. I did not proceed with this decision mainly due to I am not working. Hosting blog somewhere will definitely add some cost to me. I don’t want to spend this money now as I am the only one blogging and I don’t generate my own income.

Anyway, this is not an issue anymore. 😀

I did this skin using Picasa 3 a free software from Google.  A very easy software for me to explore. (I am not IT Trained nor can I be as creative as I want to be.) Try this software and I am sure you benefit from it!

P/S: Today is my mum’s birthday. Happy Birthday Mummy!


4 thoughts on “My new blogskin

    • Try to make time for it. It is really challenging for me to do so due to limited resources. But the end result is a great reward to me.

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