Our Library Trip (2)

It has been agreed between us, we will go library every week with Yvette to cultivate her interest in reading. Let keep my fingers cross we can be as committed as we want to be when more good years to come.

Yvette was very excited as usual. This time, she failed to behave. She started to yell to show her “enjoyment” of pulling out the book off the shelves.  Haiz. I think if Yvette is not a baby, we could have gotten a warning from the librarian!

I applied the “long over-due” library card for Yvette and gotten a free gift. (I am aware of this free gift long ago but I am just keep procrastinating to apply the card for Yvette.) Anyway, this gift consists of the followings:

  1. Baby’s Height Chart
  2. My Baby Journal (to record their milestones.)
  3. Baby’s First CD (4 instrumental Songs, 4 Rhymes, 2 Stories & 2 Poems)
  4. A handbook on Parenting in the first year
  5. My Reading Record Card for the baby
The Free Gifts

The Free Gift

We borrowed 8 books and gotten ourselves a board game, Quest an Adventure Awaits. (6 books borrow for the board, 4 books borrow for a set of 3 cards. We need to collect 60 cards (in total) in order to play the game. There are chances we might get duplicate card(s) and we can’t exchange with the library.) Anyone out there collecting them?

Books we borrowed

Books we borrowed

Even though this was our “second trip” to the library, I start to find it is really “worth-while” spending half an hour or an hour there. I got to find out what are the events run by NLB in town.

I signed Yvette for this event, Fun with Tots. It’s a 30 minute session of rhymes, songs and stories we can share with our child. According to research, there are 6 skills that children need before they start school in order to learn to read. Each session of Fun with Tots focuses one of these 6 important skills for me and my child. (1-3 years old.)


6 Pre-Reading Skills Your child needs to learn to read:

18 May 09 Phonological Awareness (I have missed it)
20 Jul 09 Narrative Skills
14 Sept 09 Letter Knowledge
09 Nov 09 Print Motivation
18 Jan 10 Print Awareness
15 Mar 10 Vocabulary

How to sign up?

Register at the library of your choice using the kiosk station in the library. Admission is S$2 for each parent-child pair. Additional parent or child is admitted at S$1 per person. (I think it is limited to 15 parent-child pair. For more information, call 6332 3255 or email ask@nlb.gov.sg

There is another interesting event aimed at encouraging fathers to read to their children. This programme kicks off tomorrow with read-aloud and story-telling sessions. Workshops will also be held to give support to fathers who want to start reading to their children and bond with them. The launch of the programme will be at the National Library Building’s Event Plaza at 12.30pm. Admission is free. Click here to find out more.


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