A-Fable-A-Day Series published by Kohwai & Young

We did not go straight back home after today class. Knowing hubby will be slightly late this evening, I decided to shop around with Yvette for awhile. I ended up in Popular Book Store after not getting any desired toy for Yvette in ELC.

I think I will never pop into this popular store since TPY has a bigger store than this. However, I was very happy to find out this store was actually very difference from the rest out there. This store carries a lot of books, program like CD, educational toys for baby, toddler and even children. It’s too bad I didn’t bring my camera along, if not I could have taken some pictures and posted them here.

It’s never easy to go book store with a baby transiting into a toddler. They can’t walk well and always curious with their surroundings. Yvette was trying to grab anything within her reach. That made me couldn’t browse the book in peace. Argh!

I found something nice and worth getting them.

After reading two stories from two books, I brought these series of book that cost me S$34.20 for 8 books.


Each book in this A-Fable-A-Day series contains seven stories, providing children with “a story a day” for a whole week of reading enjoyment. These clever tales of animals and people offer words of wisdom so that each book, offers a moral fable each day. The moral for each story is summarized in a short, simple sentence at the end of each text. Each story introduces one or two new vocabulary words that are listed and explained in easy terms in the glossary at the back of each book.

Let me extract one story and share with everyone here:


The Hare and The Tortoise

There once was a hare who liked to tease a tortoise each time he saw her, “My! You move so slowly,” he said. “How do you get anywhere in life?”

The tortoise did not let herself get angry. Instead, she challenged the hare to a running race. The hare just laughed – how could a tortoise win a running race against a hare?

They agreed that the first one to reach the top of the hill would be the winner. At the count of three, the hare ran off, leaving the tortoise behind in a cloud of dust.

After a while, the hare stopped to wait for the tortoise. It was a hot day and he felt a bit sleepy. “I’ll take a short nap,” he thought. “I can still win this race easily.”

The hare fell asleep under a tree. Soon the tortoise walked by, moving slowly but steadily. When the hare awoke, he saw the tortoise was almost at the finish line. He ran as fast as he could, but … too late, the tortoise had won!


Sometimes a slow and steady person will win the race.


challenged – to dare someone to take part in a contest

steadily – walking or moving in a sure and even manner


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