Motherhood Exhibition 2009 and Popular Fair

I went down to Expo Hall 6A for the Motherhood Exhibition 2009 with my sister. (Good choice to go with her, as she brought a new dress for Yvette.) 🙂 Today is the last day of the exhibition, but I didn’t see much crowd, perhaps it was raining heavily when we were making our way to the event.

The reason for making my way to Expo was I wanted to buy Nestle Oat with Prunes Cereal for Yvette. (And I read there were a lot of good bargains from forum too.) Sadly, it was out of stock.

We were approached by sales personal form Motherhood Magazine booth the moment we entered the hall. Honestly, I find they are too aggressive to meet the sales target and not being very professional. Instead of selling me the good points of what their magazine can provide, they marked down other magazine. I told them I used to subscribe their magazine but I find Young Parent can suit my needs more.

I told them Young Parent is a magazine that provides information and articles on child from 0 to 12yr old. They have included 32 pages of baby related articles since last month. However I am yet going to be their subscriber due to I am still waiting for a free gift that I like upon signing up. At this point, the sales personal commented their free gift is not good. Aiyo…. Faint

I highlighted to them they were wrong. Last month they were giving away Avent Diaper bag and toy hamper worth of $100 to $150. This month they were giving away Ladybird book hamper worth S$100. Not good meh… oh maybe they are better?  Then they moved on pointing out to me  reading magazine is the right source for baby information not reading those magazine online. I pointed they were wrong again. I am a subscriber of Motherhood Monthly Magazine since they launched their articles online on Feb 09. I feel they offered very good article and very professional.

Lousy salesman talk they have performed.

We moved on after filling up a lucky draw coupon and gotten a magazine from them.  Although there were really a lot of good bargains but nothing interests me. Still I didn’t left the exhibition empty-handed; I gotten Yvette a Demin Jean and my sister brought her a dress.


We proceeded to Popular Fair, the hall next to the Motherhood Exhibition. We spent an hour there too. I brought two CD of Fairy Tales collections for S$30 that was highly recommended by the authors of Baby of Love.


Our last stop we went up to a sales located second floor near the main entrance. We spent half an hour there. We took a taxi back to my mum’s place for dinner that cost me S$20.40. It’s so expensive to travel from the east to the west by taxi!



P/S: All of us were so tried. However to be vigilance I have to make sacrifice. I am the only one kept taking to the driver (in order to keep myself awake) while my sister and Yvette took a short nap on the cab.

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