Our Library Trip

This is not the first time we go library as a family. But most of the time, we go there to get books for ourselves.

And after sharing with the consultant over Yvette’s reading habit last night, that made us really guilty and we decided we should start cultivating the love for reading for Yvette again. Let’s hope this will not be too late. We decided to head library every weekend after our breakfast in the market. Library is just 5 mins walk from market. (Market is only 5 mins walk away from our home.)

Yvette was very excited in the library. It’s because we let her sat on the carpet beside me while me or my hubby browsing books that suit her age. And most of the times, Yvette was either “pulling the book from the shelves” or crawling on the carpet. Fortunately she doesn’t yell though.

Yvette was having fun

Yvette was having fun

We managed to get 8 books for Yvette. Since this month is the school holiday month, we are allowed to borrow 8 books using one ID. So in total, we can borrow up to 16 books. I have not applied library card for Yvette. (I will do it next week when we are in the library again.)

NLB launched a series of special initiatives today at its Customer Appreciation Day to thank customers for their unwavering support of the NLB’s network of libraries throughout the years. This event is to enhance ties with customers and promote libraries as social learning spaces where people can come together to experience learning and cultivate a love of reading. A wide range of activities that begun on 23 May and end on 7 June, including performances, storytelling, arts and craft sessions have been planned to thank our customers and also attract and reach out to people who have yet to visit the libraries.


We happened to be there.

We got two badges from the event counter as we borrowed 8 books. Papa personalised a badge for Yvette.

Books we borrowed

Books we borrowed



There are a lot of other events too. Unfortunately these two events that are closest to us will not apply to us.

  1. Get a Birthday surprise gift from us! (During the birthday month.)
  2. Register your child as a member of NLB. The youngest for the month will win away prize worth of S$500.

P/S: I created a page to record our commitment for Yvette but apparently it didn’t meet my needs. SOB! Perhaps I have to do it somewhere.


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