The Kids Academy & Singapore Book Fair 2009

This morning, hubby told me there’s an exhibition (The Kids Academy exhibition) in Suntec. It’s about a one-stop shop for parents to check out the latest in learning aids and enrichment courses for children from 0 – 12 years. I decided to go there to find out more what this exhibition is put forward.

Event Details

Event: The Kids Academy 2009
Location: Suntec Singapore Hall 603 (Level 6)
Date: 5 – 7 June 2009
Time: 11.00AM – 9.00PM
Admission: Free

We left home around 5.30pm in the evening and I suggest having our dinner at New York New York. I brought Yvette’s porridge along too. As Yvette is getting active, it’s harder to have meal with her. We took more than an hour to finish our dinner. Yvette got upset over the dinner too. I guess the seat we had was too cramped for Yvette to move around. While my active Yvette trying to grab some “foreign object” on the table, her head knocked onto the table. She cried. When I was trying to pacify her, I realized she was tired too. (She kept rubbing her eye.) I breastfed her on the spot and she dozed off.

We placed her on the stroller and walked slowly to Suntec. There wasn’t much of a crowd. We were approached by most of the childcare operations and insurance companies; I rejected their “further sales-man talk” as I have my own agenda.

I felt the trip was disappointing (not much for my daughter’s age group) though they cover a very wide range of topics, such as

  • Foundation Building
  • Health & Wellness
  • Academic Excellence
  • Sports & Dance
  • Arts & Music
  • Fun & Leisure

And there was offer for Trial classes at S$10.

We only stopped by at one booth selling Flashcard DVD, Wink to Learn. I am not a fan of flashcard, what made stop my step to listen to them as their product is using a colour code to break down big word to smaller word. I will probably get one for Yvette later.

Since there was nothing much in this exhibition, we moved on to Singapore Book Fair 2009 with no agenda.

Event Details

Event: Singapore Book Fair 2009
Location: Suntec Singapore Hall 402-404 (Level 4)
Date: 29 May – 7 June 2009
Time: 11.00AM – 10.00PM
Admission: Free

Again there weren’t much crowd. But we can’t move on easily as we wanted to. We were constantly approached by booths selling baby/child products. (We were so easily spotted by them as I was carrying Yvette and hubby was pushing a stroller.)

There were too many choices around. And there was one booth, we stopped by.

It was a company selling books. But they were not really selling books, they were selling a programme called Grolier’s programme.

The consultant shared with us the important of reading to the baby when they were a baby. He also checked with us how we teach our child at home. I shared my teaching materials and our teaching methods.

He didn’t comment much on our teaching style but targeted on we did not read to our child e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. This made us feel guilty.

We had a short session with him finding out what exactly it is. Indeed it was a very systematic system to follow if you have no clue on how to teach your child. But this comes with a big price tag. The entire programme he is selling will cost us S$1498. And the series of books will be useful up to primary 3 of MOE standard.

We were very tempted to buy.

I pulled brake. I told him we will consider before making such investment.

I went home to check for more information about this product. I found none. The only forum (Singapore motherhood forum) did mention about this programme was discussing the poor attitude of the salesman was. I checked with Nic, Will’s mum, she has no idea too. And Hubby reminded me we might be paying a high price for this product as their book are using Disney’s picture. Lots of copyright!

Would I buy the product eventually?

Maybe Yes. But I have to refine some of my teaching methods first and decide MUCH later.

P/S: I think they are really trying hard to penetrate the early learning market. I clicked at their tab, Roadshows, on their website. I found they are holding a lot of roadshows to bring in their product.

Lastly if anyone here is using this product, please share with me. Thanks!


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