Dinner @ Sakae Sushi

My niece visit us again. She was so stressed over her work and asked me to have a good dinner. I fed Yvette at home before we headed to Sakae Sushi at TPY Entertainment.


This was the first time Yvette came across the converter belt. The moment we sat down on the table, she saw all the “foreign objects” and she reached, she touched, she felt. Argh, she is soooo notti!!!

Yvette having fun with foreign object

Yvette was really busy while we were having our dinner. I was busy too. Not busy eating but busy keeping an eye on her. I was so worried she might fall (she was standing on the bench). It took us one and a half hour to finish our meal.

I can sense my niece was really stressed over her work. Something went very wrong with her while we were eating.

She removed the egg from the sushi, instead on placing the sushi roll back to the plate; she put it on the table.

Instead of putting the Edamame back to the bowl, she put it into Yvette’s biscuit container.

Poor ger!

But still, we had a good time, both of us eat our heart out. Her damage is S$40 ++ but I guess she is happier at the end of the day!


Ting, thanks for the dinner!


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