We Were In The Pool This Morning

My niece wanted to bring Yvette to the pool on her off day and was arranged to go today. Since the pool is 5 mins bus ride away my house, I decided to come home and bath after our swim.

Down with our luck, we saw a notice outside Toa Payoh Swimming Complex. The pool was closed for upgrading. 😦

But my niece was so persistent.

Never mind, let’s go to Bishan deh. She said.

I replied: huh, really?


We walked across the bridge and saw bus 88 was heading to the bus-stop. I told her let’s run for it.

Haha… both of us like two crazy women, one carried a big bag and two floats, and another one was carrying a baby running after the bus!

Fortunately, this time, the lady luck was with us. We managed to catch the bus.

Yvette taking bus ride to the pool

Yvette taking bus ride to the pool

We swam for about an hour and decided to go off due to the hot weather. I don’t want Yvette to get darker too. I always applied sun block lotion for Yvette whenever she is in the pool.

We are having fun!

We are having fun!

Yvette loves the water in the pool so much. Whenever I lowered her into the water, she will open her mouth to have a slip of it. Yuck!

MaMa, go lower pls.

MaMa, go lower pls.

We headed J8 to have our lunch after changing Yvette. I didn’t prepare her food. I didn’t expect we will end up in Bishan.  Since Yvette is already one, her digestive system has matured and reached the stage whereby she can start to eat food that we are taking in a moderate portion. Currently, the only non-home cooked food I allow Yvette to eat is Liang Dou Fu.

While I am eating after feeding Yvette, something happened and made all of us laughed. Here the video clip. Enjoy!


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