Yvette’s Closet

SIL’s family came to visit us today. We have dinner together and after dinner, we went home together.

We are very close to my SIL’s family. (My hubby second sis) We always arrange to meet up for outing and dinner every now and then. And I would say I am very lucky to have my SIL. She really helped me a lot during my pregnancy and my confinement period. Of course, the blessing passes down to Yvette too.  

One of the blessing is, Yvette gotten a lot of new clothing from them. They plainly adore Yvette a lot. Whenever they were out for trips or they see something nice, they will buy things for Yvette, thus resulted Yvette has a lot of new clothing. (Sometimes she doesn’t have the chance to wear them due to out-grown.)

I remember there was one piece of clothing, brought by my SIL’s youngest daughter, probably a year back; Yvette still doesn’t have the chance to wear it. It is because she has brought a wrong size. (Size 24 mths) 🙂


This was from Batam

Today, my SIL opened Yvette’s closet and exclaimed: Wow, Yvette has so many clothing!

Yvette's Closet

Yvette's Closet

Haha, I laughed.

I told her a lot of them were given by them and friends.

I am blessed. So is Yvette!


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